It's a well known fact in the underworld. Believes himself to be Dracula. Upon transforming using the demons inside Dracula's castle, he becomes a grotesque entity resembling a pair of conjoined, pale, white-haired females severed below the waist, with a halo entering through their eye sockets, four arms (two on each side, the front pair possessing eyes on the back of the hand and red fingernails), and havin… This is a spoof of Aria of Sorrow set after the Bad Ending of Aria of Sorrow (defeat Graham without the required souls). Graham features prominently in the mobile version of Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow as well. Soma Cruz: YOKO!! ". The game takes place in the year 2035 and stars Soma Cruz, a high school exchange student in Japan. Soma Cruz: Neither do I! Soma Cruz: Jeez. Japanese voice Yoko Belnades: I'm... al...alright. Date of death Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Take a good look at Graham's second form. What are you hiding from me?! He is the person in white and has grey hair. And if you don't... you will lose Mina... and Yoko as well! Soma Cruz: Alright. Graham Jones: That's right. Genya Arikado: I cannot say. The fabric of space is beginning to tear... Gender コレクションに加えてあげる (korekushon ni kuwaete ageru) I will add you to my collection. (The castle crumbles)Video: Soma Cruz: What do you mean by "those powers"? She's my friend! Return all of us living beings to where we came from! Therefore, when the solar eclipse of 2035 occurred and Dracula's castle showed itself, he entered it intending to take over Castlevania as the Dark Lord he believed himself to be. NO, WAIT! I do not want to let that happen! He also wears a white suit with a purple tie and ceremonial scarf. (The battle begins)Video: (Graham transforms himself, screaming)Video: (Graham vanishes away in death) Depleting his HP will force him to enter the third phase. Genya Arikado: I know. Soma Cruz: Yes, you too.Video: Soma Cruz: Good to see you, too. Soma Cruz: That can't be right!? And you're not the one! The hands will glow before attempting to attack; therefore, it is recommended to use massive overhead weapon such as the Final Sword or the Claimh Solais while crouching and sliding to avoid getting hit by his hands and lightning. Graham Jones: No, it's all true. Graham Jones: I take it that lady from the church told you that, didn't she? Go quickly! For Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow on the Game Boy Advance, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "Wat r the souls to get 2 be dracula? Nothing happened...? That being so, I decided to awaken you somewhere I could use MY powers. Soma Cruz: And that eclipse is where we are now...? Genya Arikado: This castle is a product of Dracula's magic. Graham Jones: Farewell and be careful. Your name is Soma, right? Yoko's in bad shape! Soma Cruz: But that's...! For some of you how are stuck at Graham I have one thing to say to you people before I tell you how to beat him. I...don't like your attitude, but I don't think you're lying. Status More like Ode to Joy-I haven't been this glued to my GBA since Metroid Fusion. They ended his regeneration cycle sealing his castle... the symbol of his demonic power, inside the darkness of an eclipse. Use no souls. In the third phase, Graham changes his form into his final form. Y-You're human, aren't you? That's where the chaos is! 2035: Aria of Sorrow Castlevania Maps, Enemies, Sprites, and more. My name is Graham. PLEASE... STOP! I must get to the throne! For Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow on the Game Boy Advance, GameFAQs has 15 save games. Castlevania Aria of Sorrow Graham boss battle (no damage,no souls) - Duration: 6:04. Soma Cruz: Why did you force me to awaken!? Genya Arikado: Do not worry about her. (Soma runs toward Graham) Enter "NOSOUL" as a name and start a new ... have the Fire Demon, Giant Bat, and Succubus souls equipped, you can shoot fireballs as a bat just like Alucard from Castlevania: Symphony Of The Night. Appearances Dracula's power is already in my grasp. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Weapon(s) Soma Cruz: So... are you trying to tell me now that Dracula has been resurrected? Bosses from Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow of the Nintendo Game Boy Advance. He comes back with the same stats as the first phase. Soma Cruz: Uh, can I ask you a question? The power to rule... Graham then uses the dark powers he gained in the keep to transform into a massive, unholy entity to destroy Soma, but he is ultimately killed, expressing shock at this meaning that he wasn't the true Dracula after all. Killing Graham this way will result in minimal damage and a fast kill. Killing the halo will not affect Graham at all, so it is not recommended to destroy it, especially in Boss Rush Mode. Soma Cruz: Is it true that this is Dracula's castle? After a fight, he also noticed that Soma possessed three powers that were unmistakably Dracula's and wonders where he got them before denying Soma to be "the one". Genya Arikado: Once you have finished absorbing all of it, his powers will be yours. Abilities Graham Jones: No. Music theme While visiting the Hakuba Shrine with his friend Mina Hakuba, Soma is transported into Castlevania along with her. Soma confronts Graham at the castle keep and the two wage battle. Soma Cruz: Huh? Gallery. Game: Castlevania: Aria of … Graham Jones: That is because I don't consider you a threat to my mission. Genya Arikado: You're wrong. Entering the battle equipped with the three souls of Dracula's power will not lead to a second ending, and the fact that Soma is actually Dracula's true successor is never revealed. The halo will continuously follow the player and cast a lightning bolt on a vertical line which deals Sword damage. Soma demonstrated the true powers of Dracula during this fight, and that causes the dark powers Graham absorbed to appear and enter Soma's body. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow Characters. Graham Jones: Go ahead, I don't mind. You Have Been Warned. But, vampire hunters destroyed him completely. I am...Dracula. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow for GBA cheats - Cheating Dome has all the latest cheat codes, unlocks, hints and game secrets you need. NO! Welcome to Castlevaniacs! Genya Arikado: Go! The story is original, while sticking with Castlevania canon. He also summons a "halo" made of skulls and four crucifixes which fire a ray of light on his opponents from above. But if we ever escape from this castle alive, I want to know everything. Soma Cruz: Graham, that bastard! Soma was studying in Japan in the year 2035, the year where the first solar eclipse of the twenty-first century was to occur, and he and Minawere on their way to see the astral event when fate stepped in: the two are transported into Dracula's castle itself. That is why I chose the dangerous route. In this phase, he has 1,500 HP, 100 ATK and 60 DEF. 36 Graham Jones: Sure, go ahead. He has supernatural powers and believes that he is the reincarnation of Dracula. Dialogue Soma Cruz: Yes. Stream Schedule is as follows: ‍♂️ Monday - Saturday (6 days a week) This is like a bad joke. I'll give it a try. Het spel is onderdeel van de Castlevania-serie en is ontwikkeld en uitgegeven door Konami.. Het is het derde en tevens laatste Castlevania-spel voor de Game Boy Advance. You take control of Persephone, who is being aided by Carmilla and Olrox to bring about the revival of Dracula. Soma Cruz: Wha...what's this? (Arikado enters the room, surrounded by a red aura) Japanese name I'm doing all that I can to keep from being consumed by it. Producer Koji Igarashi, who had led the production teams for previous Castlevania titles, led Aria of Sorrow's development as well. Upon transforming using the demons inside Dracula's castle, he becomes a grotesque entity resembling a pair of conjoined, pale, white-haired females severed below the waist, with a halo entering through their eye sockets, four arms (two on each side, the front pair possessing eyes on the back of the hand and red fingernails), and having their insides exposed, showing a rib cage, a pulsating intestinal tract hanging below the body, and various internal organs. He stabs Yoko as he did in the Game Boy Advance version. It's only right that thieves receive the punishment they deserve. Graham Jones: "In the year 2035, a new master will come to the castle, and he... will inherit ALL of Dracula's powers." Thank you. Come out, Arikado. - Providing RPG info on all your favorite games with a sprinkling of personality Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is een platformspel en actierollenspel (ARPG) voor de Game Boy Advance uit 2003. It was leaked to the outside world. Another Castlevania in the same mold as the last two handheld adventures would have been welcome enough, but Konami really ups the ante in Aria with sharper graphics, great tunes, and the best animation I've ever seen on Nintendo's little system. I feel as if I'm being manipulated. Soma Cruz: So what should I do? There he meets Genya Arikado, who defeats a group of attacking enemies and explains Soma's ability to absorb monsters' souls. I came here to find a way out of this castle. Download the Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow ROM now and enjoy playing this game on your computer or phone.

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