As expected, trikes … Read on to see all of the locations and rewards of Porters, Facilities and Cities in the Central Region. Death Stranding is a game that leaves many questions unanswered and this guide is here to answer them. Real time map for TruckersMP (Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplayer and American Truck Simulator Multiplayer) December 17, 2019 Ersatz Ifrit Death Stranding 0. This is the very first area of the game and we can find a total of 9 Memory Chips scattered throughout the map. Each Death Stranding Prepper is an NPC to whom you visit and give your deliveries as part of your adventures in post-apocalyptic America. 19] & [Order No. You must have WebGL installed and enabled on your browser to use the interactive map. Do more with Bing Maps. In this Death Stranding guide, we’ll list all of the connection level rewards in the Eastern Region.. ... after achieving 5 star on all prepper in East Region, is there any other reason to go back there? The three final chips (#54, #55, #56) are additional interview entries. Just stick to a few facilities to level up each time before placing more heading west, you should have no problem and won't run out. 100% Upvoted. Next to the distance that little graphic actually showing you the terrain highs and lows with measurements between you and the target the dot is pointing. i just put up a bunch of zip line requests in hopes other players will put them there and actually show in my world to free up some bandwidth for myself, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. One last one is that I recommend switching the skeleton depending on the location you are zipping to. Most are in decent places but some are placed on low ground which end up needing to be removed since they are useless. Focus on putting zip lines in the mountainous area or area that are hard / impossible to cross with car or bike. But it has so much more! List of connection levels rewards in Death Strandning organized by the character and region. Those same materials can be a pain to haul. … That being said, as you progress through the game you’ll slowly unlock lethal weapons. This is a subreddit for the fans of Hideo Kojima's action video game, Death Stranding, developed by Kojima Productions. … Back before the masses knew what Death Stranding would be (or how prophetic it would become), some speculated it would amount to a walking simulator. You’ll unlock the ability to fabricate vehicles in Death Stranding once you get to the Central Region. The marshlands below are pretty easy to just drive. We use cookies for analytics. Hidden among rocks, behind buildings, and on … Death Stranding mostly takes place in a fictional alternate of the USA called the United Cities of America. Interactive Map. All … The only one with an "!" It wasn’t as tedious as i thought it was going to be. Is it wise to link up the top 3 only? Peter Englert. Death Stranding simply isn’t a fun game to play for the most part. It's easy! My main zipline network at the moment is up the mountainside towards the Mountain Knot facility. Just place them as high as possible and one near every facility. Other Helpful Guide Sections and Lists Death Stranding might seem like a walking simulator, but it eventually opens up to include much more. I got lucky with some well-placed online ziplines in the mountains, too so that was nice. Now contemplating on connecting Waystation North of Mountain Knot City to Spiritualist to open that location to the zip-line network at the mountains. Rest in the a Private Room, and keep making deliveries to them and sending lost cargo and the connection should increase. Although it also has two mountainous areas where both Preppers are … How do i get this last half a star? Ah right thanks. Great tip is to bridge contract anyone who's ziplines you come across and actually use. Unlock method: Unlock… Find all Memory Chips, Hot Springs, Prepper Shelters and Facilities! 8 comments. Death Stranding Cameos - Eastern region (Image credit: Sony) There’s only a couple of Deaths Stranding cameos in Death Stranding's Eastern Region, the … Credit: Kojima Productions. You can jump up the containers to get it. CovidLiveUK. Death Stranding is split into 3 World Maps. And the fact that you will be linking them up with online ones too, they will be in different places. This one is located on the roof of the building right outside Capital Knot's Isolation Ward, the building to the southwest of it. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast . This page reveals the full in-game map. That only gives me 10 ziplines to use as a zipline costs 500. Facility #4 Location: Distribution Center west of Capital Knot City. After the big bombast of Episode 9, Episode 10 of Death Stranding takes us back to the porter lifestyle we know and love. Sort by. Combat isn’t as much of a focus in Death Stranding as it is in other AAA action games. This is the very first area of the game and we can find a total of 9 Memory Chips scattered throughout the map… East is where the game starts. If you don't have a  zip-line to The Elder, there is a path on the right side of the hill that is behind the Distribution Center South of Lake Knot. I saved most Elder cargo in the center (non-time-sensitive cargo only) and took them when it was truck load. Central Region is where Episode 3 – 8 take place. Interactive map of World for Death Stranding with locations, and descriptions for items, characters, easter eggs and other game content All of them, except for 3, can be located within shelters and in the MULE camp.

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