Most of our props are available for both dry hire & professional installation. Masquerade Christmas Party - One Of The Best Christmas Parties In London 2019 - Search Other Epic Office Christmas Parties & Exclusive Christmas Party Ideas Here, With The Best Deals & Packages Available. The First Masquerade Although celebrating traditions with masquerade balls has been around since the 14 th century and all throughout the era of the Renaissance; masked balls did not come to Europe until the 17 th century. Stunning sets and powerfully emotional music. The banquet will begin 30 minutes after the Palace Gates open. Be vigilant. PLEASE NOTE: Latecomers cannot travel further than the banqueting hall. The Prince’s name is Siegfried. Your evening will split into two parts: 1) A Venetian-inspired gothic masquerade ball and, if you fancy, 2) A dining experience executed by Masterchef semi-finalist Annie McKenzie. Prince Siegfried’s Banquet centres on a mouthwatering smoked beef stroganoff, laden with pickled roots, steaming platters of buckwheat pilaf and black bread, still warm from the Palace kitchens. to your collection. And, in the end, you’ll stop listening to the performance, and become part of it. For those expecting traditional peasant fare, we must disappoint. Now, the covers are opening again. Masquerade balls were a feature of the Carnival season in the 15th century, and involved increasingly elaborate allegorical Royal Entries, pageants, and triumphal processions celebrating marriages and other dynastic events of late medieval court life. step, twist and turn through a glittering masked ball, a banquet curated by Masterchef Champion Tim Anderson. Masquerade Ball Prop 3/5; Masquerade Ball Prop 4/5; 17th Century Medical Saw 4/4; Radio Londres Microphone 2/4; Nineteen Eighty-Four 3/3; Islington & Hackney. Save Lovers Night Valentine!!! But rest assured, when you book we will begin revealing fragments of our Swan Lake legend to you, bit by bit. However, it is noted that John Heidegger, a Swiss count had the very first masquerade in London, England in the 18 th century. Masquerade Ball Prop 2/5; British Abolition Medallion; Bartmann Jug 3/5; Southwark. Whether you’ve been to an orchestral concert before or not. With an extensive range of Masquerade props and backdrops Staging Service can help you deliver a truly authentic Masquerade Ball. If you seek wonder, inspiration and adventure then The Great Masked Ball is for you. They were also known as the ridotto, from the Venetian private gambling salons where visitors wore masks to … Just 20 VIP invitations exist per night for this most Royal of options. The Chef’s Table is the ultimate way to experience The Great Masked Ball. Share Molly Spoon Dolls with Milou Stella | Molly's Masquerade with your friends. So whether it’s a simple prop hire, a themed entrance feature or a fully managed themed experience; with Staging, LED Star Cloth, Dance Floor & entertainment.. Masquerades in London's Pleasure Gardens One of the most notable – and notorious – features of London’s pleasure gardens was the masquerade, or fancy dress ball. For those that make it through their adventure, a secret bar hidden in the depths of the forest awaits. Prototype (Optik 0.1) Inside the electricity room of the Senate House Library. experience orchestral music as you never have before. We can accommodate most requests 48-hours in advance. And please, make sure you don’t tag our secret location on your social network. These stories are timeless and universal, inspiring and moving,  written for anyone, not just for those that love a particular genre. Clear directions will be given to you when you book. Arrive as soon as you can so you can quench your thirst at our Palace bar. The Palace Gates open to all from 7pm for evening performances and 1pm for matinees. However, like all great feasts, you will have a complimentary aperitif to wash it down with, complete with a ‘little kick’ from our friends at Vestel Vodka. In Manic's case however, that one simple step could turn into a slide of no return. You will only know if you step inside these Palace walls and find out…. Save Creatures of Intimacy with puppeteer Sian Kidd | Molly's Masquerade to your collection. Re-imagined and re-set the production as an Art Deco Masquerade Ball, with audience members wearing compulsory face coverings to complement their fabulous attire. Conform to his family’s desires and forget the Queen who rules his heart? The final performance element ends at 10pm. The Great Masked Ball is London’s immersive Swan Lake experience. It is time to plan for our Annual Worldview Classes Ball. Queen Aleena: [Narrating] Sometimes you have to take a step back to realize how far you've come. But for now the location is 20 minutes, door to door, from London Bridge. Or defy a kingdom, resist where others have succumbed and live for undying love? January 2016. And lots of tiny jealous people below. Nov 17, 2013 - Cakes, decorations, masquerade decor /etc... See more ideas about masquerade, masquerade ball, masquerade party. Leave the streets of London behind and disappear behind a mask, as No 41 opens their doors to you for a night of guaranteed debauchery at this year's NYE Masquerade Ball. It ensures the magic lives on for future generations of travellers. Our hidden location (20 mins from London Bridge) will be revealed when you book. Siegfried is duty bound to make his match this evening and no later. NYE MASQUER DE BALL LONDON @ No 41, Kensington Close Hotel. Share Old Skl Brunch w/ 60 Minute Bottomless Punch with your friends. Warning: only for the unashamedly decadent and discerningly debauched. We will be waiting with baited breath for the next instalment – Tracy ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, We go to lots of immersive theatre but this was unique. Our voyage into the Legend of Swan Lake must depart on time and the complexity of the event means people cannot enter after the experience has started. You’ll get to see the country’s best musicians and experience a true masterpiece in a completely new way. I take my heavy bags down the stairs and out to the car while Tom gets dressed and gathers his things. Comment this post saying wich parties are you planning on going and if you do recommend them. Having been to many immersive events (Secret Theatre, Alice Underground, Gingerline…), this is definitely an entirely new concept – Becca ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, Unforgettable – hope we don’t have to wait too long for the next one!” – Helen ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, Brilliant…This company will become the new Secret Cinema. The Legend of Swan Lake has been passed down through the centuries, given new meaning by generation after generation…now this is your chance to be part of it. Share Unwind Thursdays with your friends. So, in other words, join us. PLEASE NOTE: This Michelin star-worthy menu will not be available in any public restaurant after The Great Masked Ball has closed. At your journey’s destination, our gripping final performance, yours will be the best seats in the house. You will be able to wash the bounty down with a complimentary aperitif (given a little vodka kick by our friends at Vestel Vodka just for the occasion). Now, he must choose his bride, the future Queen of the Realm, from amongst the nation’s fairest maidens. And the skyline. Just 250 more can join them…. So please plan ahead accordingly – London transport is not always as punctual as that of our Domaine…. We Will Help You Plan An Unforgettable Christmas Party! You can do so by contacting, step inside these Palace walls and find out…. Information on LOSS - The Valentine's Masquerade Ball, Sat, 15th Feb 2020 @ 21:00 - 3:00 in London. masquerade meaning: 1. behaviour that is intended to prevent the truth about something unpleasant or not wanted from…. As to where you will venture after you join us – that remains a mystery known only to the forest. 4500 people have already booked their place. THE WINTER MASKED BALL THE WINTER MASKED BALL Descend into a subterranean maze of deep, dark galleries nestled beneath Waterloo Station for a midwinter celebration for the devout, the dissenter and the devilish. Victorian Masquerade Ball . Our advanced venue search engine showcases the most sought after ball venues right here in the capital, from beautiful banquet halls and dinner dance venues to elegant hotel ballrooms and school ball venues. So dig out your finest fantasy attire. We believe The Great Masked Ball is at its most powerful, inspiring best when you enter without preconception or knowledge of what you will discover. then The Great Masked Ball is most certainly for you. .Just phoned the ICA who said that there was a world funk concert that night and knew nothing about it so went to their website and sure enough there it is. As well as the full ticket experience you will enjoy royal seating at the Queens Table, characters dedicated exclusively to your entertainment, and your own servers throughout your banquet. You can tell us about dietary requirements during the booking process. Then, dance with the Prince and his debauched courtiers, help the Queen find his new bride or fall upon on a mouthwatering banquet, conjured by Masterchef Champion Tim Anderson. With your imagination on fire, you’ll live every melody. – Mike ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, An incredible event…truly amazing – David ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, Completely extraordinary. Don your mask, hunt out our hidden domaine and enter (the Palace Gates open at 7pm). You will experience everything that our VIP guests do. Watch the legend of the White Swan brought to life. Would do it again in a second… – Lulli ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐, Wonderful, made me cry! Save MEDWAY Rapture Gaming & Creative Festival to your collection. Waltz through its glittering halls,  built by the designers from events like Planet Gingerline, Beauty and the Feast, and the Alice’s Adventures Underground bar. Suddenly everything changes. Find the best The Great Gatsby - The 1920s Masquerade Ball play tickets at Immersive LDN, Inner London.Covid-secure version.

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