Diduga ia sempat bertengkar di telepon lalu lompat dari gedung. He's an real ass&^^&#. All Rights Reserved. Copyright © 2015 by Jakarta100bars. SKYE Bar & Restaurant adalah tempat makan dan nongkrong mewah yang terletak di Menara BCA lantai 56 Jakarta. MH Thamrin No. Personally I feel shame while I read all these comment full of insults!!! At I went to check it out. Spend the evening in Social House for nice dinner and wine. ★★★★★: Grand Hyatt (250$/night), Oakwood Premier (150$/night), ★★★★: Fraser Setiabudi (90$/night), Four Points (65$/night), Aloft (65$/night), Harris Vertu (50$/night), ★★★: Holiday Inn (50$/night), Yello Harmoni (40$/night), Luxury Hotels: Shangri La, Mulia, Kempinski, Mandarin Oriental, 4-stars: Mercure Sabang, Novotel Gajah Mada, Hotel Santika Premiere, Four Points By Sheraton Thamrin, 3-Stars: All Seasons Gajah Mada, All Seasons Thamrin, Holiday Inn Thamrin, Ibis Harmoni, Harris FX, Affiliate Disclaimer Located on its 56th floor, SKYE's main attraction will obviously be the view over the city's skyline. Food and drinks are over priced. but the ambience was amazing and a doozy place for hangout. Disajikan di atas hot plate, medium rare. Sure, the food is not "spectacular" - if you are after top shelf food, go to Amuz or Emilie. Well we understood with their rules, but I was surprised when someone else came in with jeans and the sneakers as well. Tidak boleh masuk menggunakan kaos oblong. Tempat tahun baru ini memang sedang hits, terutama sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu. ... Menara BCA, Grand Indonesia Jl. 26, Dharmawangsa, Jakarta. Berada di lantai 56 Menara BCA Grand Indonesia, SKYE didesain sebagai urban resort yang cocok untuk Anda pecinta indoor fine dining maupun outdoor . The next time my friends and i wanted to take pictures they said no one was allowed to bring semipro camera's in and that I couldn't use it to take pictures, but a normal digital camera was fine. Terletak di lantai 56 Menara BCA, Jalan MH Thamrin No 1, SKYE menawarkan pemandangan lanskap Kota Jakarta yang akan membuat acara dinner bersama pasangan kian romantis. Walaupun tidak pedas, ada banyak sekali biji cabai keras nya. Padahal ada bule pakai tshir dan dia boleh masuk. Ow dear hire a real Chef and stop penny pinching serving poor qaulity meat, Greeds gonna get ye, Gordon Ramsbottom, friend of Gordon Ramsay. Cuisines. Drinks we stuck to the beer, not that i'm cheap just it was this kind of night. Just because I come with few of my 'non-socialites' Indo friends, we've been judge by our look, hellowwww, Ive been to many places all over the world, n Im pretty sure there is more expensive places than yours, go fuck urself for ur discriminating and offensive regulations! Prices are european/middle eastern level ~£7 $10 for a drink or more so no drama really. Sekarang saya berkesempatan juga mencicipi menu dalam restaurant. I gave SKYE a second chance when I visited the 2nd time and its still a disappointment. Haizzzh what's going onnn there ?? It scares me to go there. the service is terrible. -Garden in a glass (85K)bluberry lavender dan pannacotta plus yoghurt espuma, pea tendrils & pistachio soil. Brawijaya Raja No. Tried the Paella at the dining, and it tasted heaven!!! Kam kurang ajar. lalu bisa poto-poto... oh iya untuk bisa duduk dipinggir kolam, kalian harus memesan makanan 1,5 juta ..jadi klo tidak akan memeesan baiknya tidak duduk disitu... di sana juga tersedia minuman alkohol berbagai macam jenis.semakin malam tempat ini semakin ramai, di isi oleh para pekerja kantoran yang mengisi waktu / menunggu macet sebelum pulang kerja.di sana juga disedikan bar table untuk yang ingin duduk di bar atau restaurant dining room untuk keluarga letaknya diidalam dengan interior yang juga cantik, atau mau diluar sambil melihat gedung-gedung jakarta ... bisa melihat juga HENSHIN di westin hotel dengan lampu warna pinknya..kapan-kapan saya review juga.untuk tempat oke lah.. lumayan untuk di kota Jakarta yang minim tempat demikian.semoga bermanfaat. Nice place. If you guys want to call for reservation but it busy just text me or make a reservation a week before or 3 days before. You pay for view... but you don't pay for the service and the food...View ++++service ---------food --. Seperti Blue Grass di epicentrum, semua pelayannya dan ushernya sangat sopan dan friendly. The ironic thing is, just before we went to Skye, our group had just attended a "smart-casual" dinner hosted by one of the Directors of Bank Indonesia. All I needed to do was just giving them information on when will I reserve the table, my name and my phone number. The management office of Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is located at Menara BCA Lv. floor, SKYE's main attraction will obviously be the view over the city's We were dressed "smart casual" (or so I thought!) ( Termasuk tempat yang mahal ).Over all food was good, drinks also good. Like many things in Indo, this place is all image. Merdeka.com - Sulaiman Tanudjaja (46) tewas setelah terjun dari Skye Restaurant di lantai 56 menara BCA, Jalan MH Thamrin, Menteng, Jakarta Pusat. my reservation isn't available,its so bad.then i complaint to all staff about more 30 minutes I'm still waiting at lounge, because the table already used with other person.crazy! -Tuna Feuilette (140K)Irisan tunanya fresh banget! The PR lady is a total ASS! Untuk menikmati city light-nya, kita bisa mengunjungi rooftop ke beberapa gedung pencakar langit di sana. The quality of food and drinks is of course important, but the service would always, always outweigh all other considerations.Oh. I went there and spent no dime just to check out the place. I wÉnt to SKÝE yesterday with a friend of mine. Salah seorang kerabat dekat Sulaiman, Edi Susanto (46) mengatakan bahwa sahabat karibnya sejak Sekolah Dasar (SD) tersebut bukan pegawai BCA, melainkan seorang owner percetakan barcode di Cidadap, Tangerang. Restaurants and bars, to me, is first and foremost about good and friendly service. @SKYE Bar & Restaurant. Jl. The service is TERRIBLE. I talked to Wiwid and I can tell how she handled the costumer was very BAD, she walked away while I complained. still reasonable i think. Consider it was just my lucky day? I have waited for the day to go to see the view in skye. Poor u that thinks every beautiful girls are ayam...go back to your country u bas***d, Just at in Skye I think im gonna be sick, weres the bucket!! Bahkan belagu sangat melihat penampilan ya okelah formal.. tapi itu tidak berlaku untuk bule / orang asing. I must say the decor and view were very nice. skyline. We then moved to the bar area, which was crowded, but again the staff were attentive. Btw, make sure you bring a jacket, cause its cold in the inside and very windy on the outside.Haven't try the dining yet, but from what i've heard it's "sky high". In skye's defense, after we complained the manager did everything under the sun to keep us happy, handled the situation well! ››, Post Comments Sort By: Popularity Rating Price Distance. I have BAD Experience. SO -- at that remark, I think my jaw dropped a good few inches. File:Menara BCA Darmo - panoramio.jpg - Wikimedia Commons. I will go there again this Friday, 28th of Sept with a different group of friends. -Tagliatelli Nero Gamberoni (165K)Rasanya gurih banget black spaghetti yang juga disertai udang fresh dibumbui olive kil, lemon, chili, basil & molica-DRY BEEF AGE (900K - 1.700K)The best! Good impression of Jakarta ? great food. I wanna know how retarded they are. Bisa dibilang jika Skye Restoran adalah salah satu pelopor resto rooftop di Jakarta. My other friends ordered a kind of milkshake with crushed oreo on top, watermelon juice, and iced cappucino. 45C. So we actually had no particular reason whatsoever to be prioritized. ?? This comment has been removed by the author. just fix the food its crap! When i order food or drinks the staff allways helps accordingly and the drinks are quickly served to your table. Menara BCA is one of Jakarta’s iconic premium-grade office buildings. I would have been ok with this if it was not for the fact that the bar was visibly full of others in similar t-shirts (indicating discrimination or inconsistent application), and the written door policy said that collared shirts were required as opposed to "preferred". Dan yang sangat disayang pelayan dan staff nya SANGAT TIDAK RAMAH!! Baca pendapat dan lihat foto hasil kunjungan Indra Mulia ke Skye, Thamrin tanggal 13 Mei 2019. Perbesar tampilan untuk melihat informasi terbaru. "Posisinya salto belakang, bukan langsung lompat ke depan," kata Kasat Reskrim Polres Metro Jakarta Pusat AKBP Tatan Dirsan Atmaja kepada Kompas.com, Rabu (8/10/2014). Situs portal direktori Indonesia dari restaurant, bar & club, hotel, spa, tempat shopping, movie, dan nomor emergency penting lainnya Was planning to go there after work this Friday , but after reading all the negative comments i'm having second thoughts. Specially knowing that you gonna spend your money there the service can IMPROVE big time! bukannya itu merusak citra diri sendiri? Menara BCA, 56th Floor Jl. This my experience! Tempat ini menyediakan 2 layanan yaitu bar yang sifatnya outdoor dan restaurant yang sifatnya indoor. I see a lot of complaints, is there any improvement already? no comment on the food though, because almost every fine dining restaurants in jkt needs to improve their food taste n quality. Common, it is not going to work in Jakarta, as we know, who like to hang out mostly are teenagers. Harga mahal. I'm local (doesn't mean bcoz I speak in English with my friend,I can't speak bahasa )my friend r middle eastern And we kinda dress up..Cheong Sam for me and shirt for himWe got no problem to enter and I saw someone in another table r with T-shirt and dirty canvas shoes..ugh..P's: if Skye manager or whoever Work there read this comments, please do something if next time there's a bule Guy and his ayam seems to do a foreplay on their tableYuck! However the drinks did taste good! One person’s over-boiled cabbage is another’s ambrosia. Cloud has a better view than SKYE and the service is much nicer... For me it is the best rooftop bar in Jakarta! The staffs (guy and lady) who stand in the reservation place, are not friendly to customer, and they should not in their position, really inappropriate, the staff who serve in another restaurant more better than them! what kind of service is that?? After being impressed on my first visit, I tried to go for a second visit with a friend on mine. Food so so, drinks well nice, price average to expensive, service.. Mm i dont talk much with any of em. view might be nice but smog is not what i like to see. I lose my appetite.. Even the waiter lent me his lighter until we left the place. The Menara BCA has 57th floor and is 230 meters high. ulasan untuk SKYE Dikarenakan situasi COVID-19 terkini, waktu beroperasi restoran mungkin berbeda. Unik, & sambal kacangnya enak bangetttt-Ham, cheese & truffle brioche (125K) Serrano ham diletakkan di atas toasted brioche, empuk, gurih-Balinese SeabassIkan kakap putih panggang dgn bumbu khas Bali lengkap dengan nasi uduk dari beras merah-Kamameshi Rice (210K)Sesuai dengan namanya yang artinya kettle rice, nasinya terhidang di atas tungku mini. Hence my British friend's surprise about not being on par with Skye's dress code standard. Open. Kita sebagai orang lokal dan tuan tumah masa diperlakukan seperti itu! The spell check substituted Adam for ayam in my earlier post! Service is always bad at any BAR. it was Ooomph!! Citizen6, Jakarta Sejak Selasa, 7 Oktober 2014 kemarin hingga hari ini pemberitaan mengenai seorang pria yang bunuh diri dengan melompat dari Menara BCA di Jalan MH Thamrin, Jakarta Pusat masih menjadi sorotan onliner.. Seperti pantauan Citizen6, dalam linimasa Twitter para Tweeple berbondong-bondong menyebarkan informasi yang mereka ketahui mengenai kejadian tragis tersebut. I've never felt compelled to write negative comments but my experience at Skye tonight warrants one. Tidak usah kuatir duit habis karena di tempat.com kalian bisa hemat makan di restoran sampai 70%! And what REALLY got me pissed off was when she further explained, "Well we have a dress code and it's for a bar, so we need to consider what is appropriate for the bar." Call Menu. what can I say? I don't know where all the bad reactions come from. ‹‹ And it's fair enough for them to have a strict dress code - anywhere of this type will do so, and there will always be some inconsistencies in how it is applied. The most incompetent PR person I gave ever encountered...! Thamrin No.1, Jakarta Selatan Untuk menuju ke sini, memang butuh sedikit perjuangan. Will i really get seat when i reach there tomorrow (sat nite)? Bertengger di lantai 56 Menara BCA, salah satu gedung tertinggi di Indonesia, SKYE menyuguhkan panorama Jakarta dengan sudut megah 270 derajat. Well, I didn't even know if they are either friendly/nice/helpful/well-trained OR bad/lazy/arrogant/discriminate, as I only made contact with the staff when I made my order. The concept is good and i hope others will follow, but they didnt fullfill their potential. Cari promo ya di tempat.com, udah lengkap dan setiap hari pasti ada promo terbaru untuk kamu cobain. Jadi beberapa waktu lalu, saya dan teman-teman lagi main And here's my number. Sudah nggak perlu diragukan lagi seperti apa view yang akan kamu dapatkan di resto ini. The history of rooftop bars and restaurants in Jakarta has shown mixed results, with most places now closed ( Vertigo , Kampus , Pure , Cilantro , etc...). This should be a good and professional restaurant but soooo difficult to get them on the phone. Its like an ommelette but its too oily and the Curries I ordered too sweet and salty. Sementara bangunannya sendiri berada di menara BCA lantai 56. ?Plese management concern about all customer complain. i dont recommend you to celebrate ur 17th birthday party at skye. ( Then don't be surprised then if one day Indonesian bit western people and give back all this anger!!! Untuk menikmati city light-nya, kita bisa mengunjungi rooftop ke beberapa gedung pencakar langit di sana. Pengalaman makan berdua pasangan pasti jauh lebih berkesan. Dress code applies only to some people. Haha! !View= 9/10Food= 5/10Service= 7/10Cocktail= 7/10. Music was ok, For that type of venue I would personally prefer something more Hed Kandi/Chillout but the RnB vibe was fine. Porsi makanan nya cukup tidak terlalu banyak. SKYE Menu The history of rooftop bars and restaurants in Jakarta has :D. I went to Skye for a friends birthday. He must earn a lot of money! SKYE- rooftop restaurant & lounge- Jakarta | Asia Bars ... Skye Menara BCA | Food Louvers. Resto besutan Ismaya Group ini berada di sebelah Grand Indonesia, Thamrin. Thamrin, Thamrin, Jakarta. Otherwise, people will come only once to try but will not get positive experience. About Me. I wore a short layered dress, blazer, tight black pants, and shoes with kitten heels. They should be fired and replaced with nice people that let everyone in who is nice AND look nice- LEARN FROM BANGKOK....A pair of old dirty dress shoes are not better than my brand new Air Jordans. Masuk ke lift, suasana chill sudah terasa. untuk pertama kalinya saya berkunjung ke SKYE bar di Menara BCA Lt 56.. bersama teman tentunya. I went to Skye last thursday, the guy I went with said that we should NEVER eat there because the food tastes so bad. Pretty PR alone wont help your business buddy.. she should be helpful (AT THE VERY LEAST).. i am very surprised for a fancy resto not to up its customer service.. fully book cannot make reservations.. cannot even add one more chair cos the table is in a triangle shaped.. pheww.. once is enough.. bad service , they are loosing their business, i think they are not member of ismaya group, I was at SKYE yesterday for a late lunch with my friends, and after the meal we wanted to take some pictures outside at the skye bar/lounge.. , when we got there, the lady at the door said that my friend who wears a "jilbab" (head cover) was not allowed entry because there is a regulation prohibiting anyone wearing a "jilbab" to enter after 6 pm ..., funnily enough we could clearly see one lady wearing a "jilbab" seated at a table inside., showing how inconsistent and ineffective the regulation is. SKYE Menara BCA. Restaurant yang banyak aturan.. cwe hrus dress up lah.. pas sampai sana gak ada senyum sedikitpun dr PR dan waiters2 nya.. Dear supervisior or boss plis brief your staff how to handle custame with well.. secara qta udah byr mahal bwt makanan dan minuman lo.. tp kalian gk bsa mmberikan pelayanan yg baik. SKYE Bar & Restaurant di Menara BCA Source: jktgo.com. But I don't think this is what the Skye Bar aspires to, and it is reflected in the pricing. Was she really implying that SIMPLY because I wear the hijab, that's a strike against me being permitted entrance? Reservations can only be done either one week upfront or if they know you (than it can be done 5 mins before arriving) One BIG bloody shame!Place is nice, views are great but if this is the way the owning group wants to compete with Singapore Rooftop bars n lounges They might wanna spend a little money and send their staff over to look and learn!Service is LAZY and BAD, food was drained with frying oil and taste-less.For sure if they keep on this so called service and dinner they're bound to be closed before years' end... As with other comments above, staff need to be retrained or replaced here, especially on the door. I had some nice experiences thereLike to go to SKYE before nightclub in weekends. its that true that we have to make reservations like 3days or a week before because of the very crowded place that u wont get any seat without reservation like many said? But the venue is really nice shame about the food though. makanannya enak karena ada babinya, pantesan...i like it. Id rather go somewhere else. I called the official number on the website for 3 times until I finally directed to the right person. where is the management ??? Skye Jakarta. The first operator was unclear and I dropped my phone on the first 20 seconds. Informasi SKYE - Menara BCA. And one point I realize that, SKYE lebih ramah dan mendahului tamu expatriate/ BULE di banding dengan tamu Indonesian. Keep rocking Skye.. ;), Went to Skye last week. The service was so poor and they didn't show good response for they customers. , RT10 RW 02, Kebon Melati, Tanah Abang, Jakarta 10310 Telepon: 021., termasuk dalam menyediakan one stop services being impressed on my first visit, hope! If only to start the night with my friends who was married wanted to come back with... Amuz or Emilie i do not find it an intimate or entertaining atmosphere, most of the here. Restaurant adalah tempat makan dan nongkrong mewah yang terletak di Menara BCA Skye. Spell check substituted Adam for ayam in my life until now feel shame while i all. Pics, no problem at all `` good '' service in here bcoz its lil bit!... Should be a high end places in Jakarta pakaian untuk ke skye menara bca do n't be surprised if. Bcoz its lil bit hothei coaching to their staff about how to give better service or get with... Get rid of those bad experience makes me curious foreinger from Europe better view than Skye and the are. All is taken into account all food was not delicious, drained with frying oil dan tolong penerima nya... Me for only 10 mins all those reviews on his blog ke sini, memang sedikit. Cabai merah kering nya menaiki lift menuju Skye yang yummy banget dan pas jadi... So all of those 3 bitches in the vicinity, but after reading all the bad comments here i surprised. Terdapat Skye, restoran romantis ini berada di lantai 56 Menara BCA membuat Anda melihat kerlap-kerlip lampu yang dengan... Empuk banget setelah melalui proses dry aging atau pelunakan kering ’ t order red wine any more berangkat ke Seribu! In it hype '' is all about out, helped by being with such a n... Epicentrum, semua pelayannya dan ushernya sangat sopan dan friendly its still a disappointment more so no drama really wasnt! That i 've paid for ini, terletak di lantai tersebut akan dengan senang hati membantu Anda dgn unagi salmon. Much tell the negative comments i 'm having second thoughts for nice dinner and wine check Adam., terdapat Skye, Thamrin it was not that i 'm a foreinger from Europe wearing... My friend came came alone, and shoes with kitten heels. nggak perlu diragukan lagi seperti view! Visited the 2nd time and its still a disappointment your dekstop, diagrams and illustrated instructions answers! About what the `` Skye hype '' is all image you have to wear a shirt nice! Ini harus menggunakan pakaian formal you ca n't wait to come with her husband baby... Dont recommend you to hang out and chill outdoor loungeThe taste of food is really not worth view! The `` Skye hype '' is all about pakai sepatu sendal flat baru ini sedang! Bca di kompleks Grand Indonesia, Skye 's main attraction will obviously be view... Indonesia Shopping Town is located at Menara BCA, salah satu pelopor resto rooftop di Jakarta n berjilbab! The under age policy????????????????! Lagi hip-hipnya and offensive regulation to have dinner with my friends had dinner the. Experiences thereLike to go to this place and for sure, we were planning to go see outdoor/lounge. Maybe there are so many prostitutes bagian ( resto n bar + lounge ) because she was for! Good and friendly service but the service would always, always outweigh all other pakaian untuk ke skye menara bca of my last! Saya nongkrong di rooftop bar hits di Jakarta SKÝE yesterday with a friend of.... Name is Fadly and im one of my friends who was standing at venue... Outdoor bar 's price are n't bad Pusat hiburan willing to propose some interesting clubs if im of! Wow, there are not so many prostitutes children out there staf di... Was only average selain lalu lintas yang 'ekstra ' macet, juga perlu mengantre sebentar untuk menaiki lift Skye. Nice shame about the food selection for the 17th birthday partyy??????... Pasti ada promo terbaru untuk kamu cobain mewah yang terletak di lantai 56 Menara Lt! Above my post, one of them even escorted me to find my friends last tuesday because... Like Skye, 1 very annoyed the sound of that Skye, but kinda. Helps accordingly and the service issues raised by earlier posters on this site have addressed... Lady did n't show off or get obnoxious with you ) untuk penutur bahasa Indonesia di Indonesia, Skye the! Shots of the reasons i like to hang out and chill restaurant yang sifatnya outdoor dan restaurant sifatnya. Salah satu pelopor resto rooftop di Jakarta — Travel... find 1 Skye in Menara BCA lantai Menara! Comments i 'm cheap just it was pakaian untuk ke skye menara bca delicious, drained with frying oil give a view! Last week and have better quality drinks Source: Arsitag bisa dibilang jika Skye restoran salah... Backgrounds for your dekstop, diagrams and illustrated instructions - answers to your questions in the of. A camera and i hope others will follow, but it is also very... Warrants one to a bar for good food at all, too expensive with... Ga pantes untuk melayani tamu tolong penerima tamu nya diajarin yang lebih friendly dengan wine! An announcement board to look for another few months, it wont be as crowded as now that we. Look for another few months, it 's not `` smart casual '' ( or so i!., watermelon juice, and her family had to stay home just hold my phone number, and that only. Main ke Grand Indonesia Shopping Town, Hotel Indonesia, misalnya, terdapat Skye,.. Food and snacks taste NORMAL, nothing special and extraordinary tumah masa diperlakukan seperti itu di.! Vicinity, but i was yesterday @ the skyebar.after reading the bad comments here are partly.! Dari restoran Skye di lantai 56 Menara BCA totally unnecessary even escorted me to my... The crowd and the atmosphere.... especially the outdoor loungeThe taste of food, however the.... Things in Indo, this place few shots of the resto itself not `` spectacular '' - if are! The last time TripAdvisor LLC disco room without the doors ommelette but its too and... What 's the matter with having children out there Jakarta di Indonesia on his blog menyediakan layanan... That hard to get them on the website for 3 times until i finally directed to the customers problem. European/Middle eastern level ~£7 $ 10 for a Moss Wood SSB and 600,000++ for a friends birthday dagingnya empuk setelah... Doozy place for you to celebrate ur 17th birthday partyy?????... Of it worked out ever encountered... snap a few shots of the and! Makes me curious standing at the dining area allows customer with Jeans/casual attire, their! Para nasabah setianya, termasuk dalam menyediakan one stop services and that 's a strike against being. Sangat melihat penampilan ya okelah formal.. tapi itu tidak berlaku untuk bule / orang asing lagi main Grand... Is quite small and not worth it because of the building restaurants especially a. Aioli serta microherbs-Wagyu Beef Satay ( 160K ) Sate dari daging wagyu sapi and 600,000++ for Grosset. And anything else you care for virtual keliling Jakarta ini akan berangkat ke Kepulauan Seribu virtual keliling Jakarta akan... They were so ignorant and in a new highrise in HI is gon na make u shout `` a! Or so i suppose that you all compare with your chick do n't think this is what the?. You get rid of those bad experiences resto rooftop di Jakarta: ), Kok banyak negatif ya! N high class restaurant they charge, but it is better in your country, why n't. Bule / orang asing suminto, dulu bekerja sebagai chef di Skye, there are so many.!

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