Mitsuhide lectures her to consider her arm and repeats his wish for her to recover. Ambition - Mitsuhide wanted the land for himself and did not want to be under anyone's authority. Encouraging the coalition to push the cannon to its limits in the past, the gunpowder supply then ceases to exist in an altered future. Chikakage's existence, however, isn't thoroughly recorded to properly verify him so it's questionable if the sword was actually forged with the Bizen Osafune techniques or given to Mitsuhide. Sun Jian is aware that the deadly fire started when someone lit the temple's gunpowder supply, something which perks Nō's interest at the coalition's main camp. Hotaru is touched by his open tenderness for her until Mitsuhide orders her to leave the rest to him. Mitsuhide strategically relocated to Yamazaki in an effort to better his chances for defense. No one knows or trusts the reclusive rebel enough to bestow leadership upon him, so he suggests a trusted general to succeed their lord. In order to return to the capital, Mitsuhide negotiated with Yoshiaki and agreed to guide him to another possible candidate, Oda Nobunaga. Hideyoshi thanks the general for the act of mercy. Hanbei can't convince Mitsuhide to have Hideyoshi be leader and holds Hotaru hostage by pressing a kunai to her throat. If she does anything to betray their lord or the castle's reputation, he will not hesitate to issue the standard punishment for enemy spies upon her. After she captures the armed monkey, Nobunaga catches onto Mitsuhide's gestures and invites him to a nightly tea ceremony. He informs Hotaru and Oito that he will gone for awhile. Although Nobunaga himself agreed with the decision, several Oda retainers viewed it as an unwarranted and brutal attack on traditional loyalty. He is the only general who can see past her ninja transformations throughout the story. Mitsuhide can expertly defend himself without killing his opponents, but Hotaru notices that his movements are odd and forced. Therefore, when Nobunaga wants him as his vassal, Mitsuhide is initially shocked by the request. The two men declare that they came of their own accord and accuse Mitsuhide of further villainy. His nearby retainer, Toshimitsu Saitō, states his lord is over thinking everything and asks him to concentrate on the battle before them. After hearing word of a Mystic army officer being assaulted by the demon army, he takes to the battlefield with Sima Yi on a rescue mission which ultimately yields more additions to the coalition forces. She overcomes her timidness and partially misinterprets his actions as another test of her sincerity. He retired to Sakamoto Castle and properly equipped his men at Kameyama Castle on June 17. His death by the protagonist's hands leaves the Akechi army in shambles. While reminiscing about his past with his guest, Mitsuhide decides to stand once more in battle to repay the debt of the lives lost for the land of peace. "Mitsuhide, you are clearly capable of more than you realize!". Nobunaga and the Akechi vassals come to their aid before either of them perish, once again incarcerating Nobuyuki. When Hanbei and Kanbei arrive to Azuchi Castle, Mitsuhide orders her to investigate the strategists while keeping quiet about her kunoichi origins; he wishes to control public knowledge about the Shield of Azuchi as much as possible. Kanbei acquiesces to try another time. In spite of her embarrassment, they end the chat with good cheer. Learning that the enemy is led under the supposedly dead Motonari, Mitsuhide calls upon the aid of his friend, Motochika, for naval support. After he updates the guards with the information she gives him, Mitsuhide orders her to look for gaps in the night patrol. The ninja flee from the vicinity, yet Hotaru feels guilty of betraying Mitsuhide's trust. While the depth of his denial is explored in various titles, the final blow to his loyalty usually stems from the heartless slaughtering Nobunaga commences during his campaigns. Conquer an … His skill with the gun is what made daimyo notice him. Since the Shikoku campaign will take him away from Azuchi Castle for a long time, he apologizes and swears to take responsibility for any anxieties he caused her. Annoyed by his retainer's reticence, Nobunaga poured wine into seven cups and commanded his retainer to drink them all. You're browsing the GameFAQs Message Boards as a guest. Hotaru overhears them and accepts whatever rumors directed towards her to stand in Mitsuhide's defense. Dropping his sword, he realizes what it means to truly believe in others. After befriending Nobunaga, Mitsuhide makes a conscious effort to at least make acquaintances at his lord's behest. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Shortly after, Hideyoshi and the other Oda remnants confronts him. As he aids the Oda's defenses at Honnōji, Mitsuhide is trapped within the fire that engulfs the temple. At times, he may playfully threaten to silence her by touching her lips. He swears to protect her from danger whenever possible and frets if Gracia struggles. In Samurai Warriors 4 Empires, you’re able to forge different relationships with the slew of officers you’ll encounter. $4.99. Nobunaga considered his comment superficial and kicked him. Mitsuhide begins his conquest in the northern region of Ransei at Nixtorm Castle and has to earn his right to reach Nobunaga's dwellings in the south. Once the first fireflies emerge to light the scenery, she is to throw a kunai at Nobunaga's back, aiming straight for his heart. Once Motochika sails in with his navy from Shikoku, the Oda army has the manpower they need to counter the Mōri fleet at Kizugawaguchi. Delighted by their size and color, Hotaru volunteers to give Mitsuhide his share in the maid's place. With Momoji gone and Nobuyuki subdued, she has no official reason for staying by Mitsuhide's side and seeks to return home. It's believed he originated from Gifu province yet there are three different sectors that are generally named. He was amazed when Nobunaga flat-out slandered the preconception of his past playing a part in his judgment and reaffirmed his belief in Mitsuhide's capabilities in the present. As the younger brother is apprehended, Mitsuhide reveals his ploy to Nobuyuki and Hotaru. With Hosokawa Fujitaka and Tsutsui Junkei, Mitsuhide was scheduled to take part in the Siege of Shigisan in 1577. Confessing his confusions to Motochika, his friend remarks that he should just do what he believes is just. As though on cue, Oito brings news that Hanbei is here and is permitted to enter. Nobunaga asked him - trusting Mitsuhide to cut him down if he got too ruthless, this legend states that Mitsuhide was only fulfilling an oath he previously made with his lord. They were able to march ahead of the Oda main army by passing through Hōryū-ji. Armed with his knowledge of rifles, he helps prepare the formations for Nagashino with the earnest desire to see Nobunaga's vision for the land. His first order for his kunoichi is to prove her mettle in a martial arts tournament held between the Oda vassals. Riding atop a mighty lion with a sword in one hand, he guards the southwestern section of the heavens. He is heartbroken by Kicho's unshaken loyalty to her husband and suffers a stab wound that refuses to heal. To prepare for the event, Mitsuhide previously talked to the kokujin, Wada Hidejun, and formerly addressed that the man was convinced to join Nobunaga's army. He is unsure why Hotaru hid Kanbei's visit to him. ". This time, his plan goes without a hitch and Mitsuhide duels an infuriated Nobuyuki within the temple's flames. With his attackers subdued, Mitsuhide correctly deduces that Hisano and Yamaguchi are among the masked interlopers and belittles the predictability of Nobuhide's plot. He shares his dream stage with Yue Ying and Ling Tong as they work together to protect Ieyasu from Masamune's overwhelming army. Exhausted, he was said to have committed suicide by his own blade soon after. Mitsuhide doesn't trust doctors or medicine, insisting that he will be better if he sleeps. While distraught for causing Nobunaga's death, Motochika encourages him to take full responsibility as they face Hideyoshi's army at Yamazaki. Mitsuhide thinks highly of the shamisen player and is happy with his company, especially when Mitsuhide questions his actions at Honnōji. Talks about Iga can wait for another time. Though his assault at Honnōji failed, he gains support from Nobunaga's enemies and the fallen Ashikaga shogun, even though the Miyoshi Trio congratulates him for "killing" Nobunaga. A variation adds that he was too impatient to wait for a promotion and killed Nobunaga to get ahead. The nameless lord was already displeased with Mitsuhide and ordered the menial task to further reduce Mitsuhide's prestige in his clan. He finds himself within the Oda troops, building up in ranks to eventually become a trusted family vassal. Before the townsfolk and his family retainers, he is a polite and cordial lord who speaks to them as though they are equals. Normally collected and witty, Mitsuhide is a modest gentlemen who genuinely cares for the common man. He also notions to capture the cannon fortress in the south to fire at Sun Wukong's base. KOEI TECMO America Game. These ideas carried into his redesign, but they also wanted to add a touch of inexperience to his character through his new story scenario. He hunts them relentlessly before giving in to exhaustion. He therefore amends the plan the night before the firefly banquet. Thinking that the land is in Nobunaga's palm after their victory, the eastern parts of the land submit and the Oda continue westward to suppress the Saika Renegades and the Mōri. Others claim he received the blade as a present from Nobunaga once he became "Akechi Hyuga-no-kami". He was heartbroken to have had his advances rejected and lashed out in anger. (敵は本能寺にあり!) According to historical researcher, Atsushi Kawai, it is very likely that Mitsuhide did not actually say these words. During one of the many encounters with the Ikko-iki, he held a respectful funeral at Saikyo-ji for the eighteen men he lost. During the ending, a dying Mitsuhide reveals that he wanted to uphold a promise he made to a young Kicho: he would someday make a land where she wouldn't need to fight. His intuition rewarded him when a shinobi named Hazuki was captured. ... SW4E - Additional Castle Set. Mitsuhide may seem dismissive by her concern for him, yet Hotaru is pleased to hear his faint compliments for her overall performance that night. The quote originated from the Akechi Gunki, a collection of stories littered with fictional fallacies and written by an unreliable author during the Edo period. You can create your own custom character in this game? However, he did partake in a secondary follow up conflict, the Miyake-Kanemori battle, in which he defeated Kanamori Nagachika's troops with Oda cavalry and burned down a Buddhist temple in Ōmi Province. ", "Do you do anything special with your hair, Master Mitsuhide? The ladies fawn over his quiet elegance, admiring the surreal charm and gentleness he showers them. Hotaru is the one who answers the call, and he catches her sneaking within Azuchi Castle's main keep. His betrayal at Honnōji is later enacted, though the player's arrival prevents him from killing Nobunaga. Although he has his misgivings about Nobunaga's judgment, he agrees to the proceedings. Mōri Motonari refused him and supposedly sent him away fearfully with monetary rewards. Misuhuide's intimacy for her is platonic yet he doesn't wish to harm her. In 1571, Mitsuhide was believed to have participated in Nobunaga's campaign to burn Mount Hiei. While Nobunaga spent the following day conducting a tea ceremony, Mitsuhide had gathered an army of approximately 13,000 people to join his cause and marched from Kameyama Castle during sunset. In the midst of speaking for his favor, Hideyoshi loses his temper. Mitsuhide's portrait. Ieyasu was being rewarded for his part to subjugate the Takeda clan. ", "Master Zhong Hui, I went too far when I said we were ambitious. Although he is defeated by his daughter, Mitsuhide gets his way. The Oda retainers are called to a public hearing regarding Nobunaga's condition. She apologizes for jeopardizing her disguise with her impulsive act of kindness. They happen to meet at the training grounds before the martial arts tournament. Ranmaru, spared by his mentor's mercy, angrily vows vengeance for Nobunaga's death. During their talks, Nobunaga recognized the officer's talents and quickly offered him a place in his ranks. Mitsuhide arrives too late to clear the misunderstanding. Mitsuhide resumes his loyalties to the Oda in Warriors Orochi 3 and patrols the dimensional realm to subjugate the serpent army. Mitsuhide is exhausted by his injury and feels he faces certain doom when the fire around them intensifies; he therefore orders Hotaru to save herself. Before he can move onto step two, the Toki clan lose patience and are annihilated by Doranyan. In Motochika's story, he returns from his voyage to see Gracia only to find her missing, leading him to abscond his post in search for her. Believing he should save the land for peace, he rebels against Nobunaga. He's symbolized by the kanji for "flash" (閃), the kanji for "penalty" (誅), and white feathers in the Samurai Warriors series; in Kessen III, Mitsuhide has the fictional nickname "White Hawk of the Oda". Until she arrives, Hotaru gives him a bed bath to relieve his fever, innocuously unaware that the kind gesture is embarrassing and somewhat arousing for Mitsuhide. During the first battle, Nobunaga's main unit was fighting with other rebels so Mitsuhide was given no reinforcements against Akai Naomasa's army from Tamba Province and suffered defeat. After she throws the kunai to save Nobunaga, the horse veers towards Mitsuhide. Meanwhile, he and the Akechi army march immediately to replace Nobunaga's place in the temple as a means of deceiving Nobuyuki. But his countenance is like a sleeping wolf, expressionless and hiding its bones until he decides to act. Apparently, she was sent to wait for a time at Ibaraki Castle, but the Dateiriki-Sakyo no Sukenyūdō Ryūsaki records that the real reason for the hostage transfer was to force the woman to commit seppuku. Hotaru swiftly defeats Hanbei to call off the attack, moments before Hideyoshi runs in to assist. Since he shamelessly swaps between his multiple façades when the situation calls for it, many people find it difficult to fully understand Mitsuhide. Claiming Nobunaga's power as his own, he laments that he must do so for the lives lost in his campaign. When Mitsuhide comes towards them, Hotaru worries that he will be injured by the same hole and rushes towards him. The third Warriors installment introduces Motochika as his friend, who is described as an irreplaceable supporter in his life. While he claims to wish to liberate the land from Nobunaga's villainy, his convictions waver when he corners him. He wakes up midway into the night, writes a letter asking her to forget what she saw, and carries Hotaru back to her room. Regardless of their choice, Mitsuhide's predictions come true when an impatient Nobuyuki breaks down in front of Nobunaga. The sword had the power to purge the poisonous energies plaguing Emperor Jimmu's army and led to a turnaround victory. When she enters his room the next night out of concern for him overworking, Mitsuhide lavishes her with coquetry. Mitsuhide's commands her to depart, but Hotaru decides to be true to her inner wishes to stay. During his time in the realm, he and the rest of the Oda officers are attacked by the Realm's Sun Shangxiang, though the Oda army is later rescued by the real Sun Jian and Gracia. After they capture Koshōshō, Mitsuhide resumes his duties in the mainland. After the battle, Mitsuhide expressed regret at having involved his daughter in combat once again, most especially at nearly costing them the battle, but Sakon assures the commander that she still had the right idea. Whether he was actually at either castle is still not known, but Mitsuhide being symbolized as a white hawk is a trait found in various fictional mediums; in his Warriors portrayal's case, the said white feathers act as a foil to his lord Nobunaga's black feathers. She worries about his public relations and his constitution, eventually being ordered by a curious Mitsuhide to voice her opinions to him. Hotaru decides to enter his quarters to relieve the maid's stress, even with Mitsuhide's repeated protests and orders for her to leave him. She frets over his cold replies, but Oito and company remark that Hotaru must be dear to him. He applauds her instinctive reaction to help, explaining that it is a ruse to draw Hanbei into the open. Even after he performed his famous assassination at Honnōji, his men were still genuinely loyal to him and did not betray him in any way. To help Mitsuhide in the only way she can, Hotaru willingly accepts capture from another patrol unit and lies that her master is Nobuyuki to the guards. Slaying one of Nobutada's guards, Murai Sadakatsu, he chased Nobunaga's son to Nijō Castle. Unprepared for the sheer brutality towards the Honganji Rioters, however, Mitsuhide is devastated by Nobunaga's strategies. Compatible with PlayStation®Vita and PlayStation®TV.

Gameplay requires PlayStation®Vita memory card (sold separately).

The latest title in the acclaimed 'Empires' series is here, bringing together the fast-paced action of the Warriors … In the first character popularity poll for Sengoku Musou Shoot, he was voted to eleventh place with players. Hotaru doesn't catch onto the true meanings of the tale, Mitsuhide is too entertained by her puerile reaction to chastise her. In 1571, he is serving the Oda army. Our desire to try and keep it hidden, maybe that's what drew us together. A new feature is "Residential Administration" which offers a view into the characters' domestic activities. If he doesn't, he will never feel worthy of his intimacy for her. When Saitō Yoshitatsu fought with his father in 1556, Mitsuhide allied with Dōsan. Samurai Warrior 4 or 4 II or 4 Empires? Her odd reaction at seeing Kanbei cements that something dire could be at stake. His Yumeakari route has news of Kikyou's night prologue rescue spread to the Akechi manor. Samurai Warriors 4 Empires Trophy List • 51 Trophies • 7,626 Owners • 41.76% Average 1 Platinum • 2 Gold • 10 Silver • 38 Bronze TalentedThread0's Samurai Warriors 4 Empires Trophies • When the Oda first won victory during the subjugation of the Takeda, Mitsuhide praised his colleagues at a banquet. Add-On. When the poetry party takes place the following morning, the general reads a poem which hints at his plans for mutiny. The protagonist's tea bowl resets time to before Misuhuide states his answer to Kicho-nyan. The truth is still being debated amongst historians to this day. At one point in his life, he was said to have offered his services to the Mōri clan. Contrary to her predictions, Mitsuhide praises her bravery and personally bandages her arm. Promoted to being a higher ranked lord, he designed and built Sakamoto Castle. She made "Mitsuhide manju", a sort of traditionally flavored manju decorated with the Akechi family crest. After he witnesses Nobunaga's resounding victory at Okehazama, Mitsuhide joins his ranks as a loyal officer and helps the retreat at Kanegasaki. Stories claim that it was forged by Chikakage, either a disciple or son of the legendary swordsmith, Nagamitsu. More for SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 Empires Explore more games and downloadable content for SAMURAI WARRIORS 4 Empires! Territories and castles mean the same thing in this game, which is sort of misleading since you are inside of a castle during your strategy phase... Samurai Warrior 4 or 4 II or 4 Empires? It is not known when exactly he wrote these notes as it could have been after Nobunaga's death. Distressed to hear that she hadn't, the maid reveals that her lord hasn't sent a command for the servants the entire morning and hasn't been seen by anyone in the manor. She is surprised when Mitsuhide sympathizes with her. Settling in a mountain castle, the main army used it as one of their bases for the siege. He explains he saw Hanbei near Kurogane before the attack and deducts that he is the true culprit. The accused one deduces that Hotaru is the one caught and vehemently asserts that he doesn't know her. Mitsuhide states his dream with Nobunaga and the others at a second lantern viewing several days later. Nobumori was lazy, gainless, and arrogant in his status as a veteran, and Mitsuhide voiced his concerns to Nobunaga about him. This particular shade of his personality is a probable twist on the generous rewards he received after the Incident of Honnōji. Also I think you need at least the second castle upgrade… Though the position did offer protection, Mitsuhide dies in battle against the Mōri. Banquets frequently trouble me...", "Preparations for my brother's reinforcements are complete. Anyone who dared to become nearer to him would be subject to his own suspicions of betrayal or mistrust, since previous experiences have taught him to not welcome others into his heart so carelessly.

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