IP: Logged. he is the patron god of volcanoes and metal working, and is typically depicted with a blacksmiths hammer.. in a version of the mythological story of vulcan, is that he was born with a deformity, a bright red face, and so his mother juno, threw him of off a cliff where he fell for one entire day and night, finally landing in the sea. It is presumed to be hot, like a blacksmith’s iron, because it is close to the Sun. TAURUS — The Soul’s Purpose is to release attachment to the entanglement of materiality as indicated by the House Position of Vulcan. There is a strong bond between you. is kinda conjunct Vulcan in aprox 23 Taurus. For example when there is a war matter is all too often used against humankind, and the power of this planet is inverted through the improper use of will. Their confidence in everything turning out all right can also get them into some trouble. Marriage indicators in one chart … Contents Page. In astrology, the aspect called conjunction describes two separate points in the solar system that unite and blend their energies together. Vulcan rules that process which ~breaks the chains~ to form.. As the ~Blacksmith of the Gods~ Vulcan forges new tools for the expression of consciousness. One should note that the position of Vulcan in the natal chart is always conjunct the Sun and very often conjunct Mercury as well. The Soul centred individual can then utilise matter in order to shape those tools necessary for the externalisation of the Soul force. planet in esoteric astrology that. when one is operating on the mutable cross of esoteric astrology, vulcans effects will be invisible.. many times the only clue of his presence upon the natives experience will show itself in the form of loss.. something will appear to the mutable cross native as ‘being removed’ from his experience, or taken away.. without the slightest inclination of why or how.. somewhat like a spoilt childs favorite toy being hidden by a fed up parent whilst said child is sleeping, once an individual, or disciple, sets foot upon the fixed cross, however, vulcans effects can be clearly noticed, it is at this time that the seeker has made peace with their external environment and now realizes that it is a mere facade.. an outward holographic representation of their inner realm, vulcan is the passion one has for greater knowledge which ignites their propulsion into the superconscious plane of existence.. allowing them to craft their own reality via the use of physical tools they acquire along the way.. much as mythological vulcan crafted beautiful art from unremarkable coal, the energy of vulcan transcends and destroys any perceived physical limitations and propels one towards a great transformation within their psyche.. leading them to create magic from the mundane, vulcans esoteric dignity is the sign of taurus and is in detriment in the sign of scorpio, vulcan is exalted in the sign of pisces and in fall in the sign of virgo, to find your vulcan sign, check the link listed below and as always the exact t8me of birth is recommended for accuracy, https://www.astro.com/cgi/ade.cgi?ract=genchart.cgi&lang=e, Kierkegaard and the 3 Stages of a Full and Happy Life, Millennials and Loneliness: McLuhan and Levinas on the Phone, How the Law of Entropy Wears Everything Down. a group of sea nymphs found him, took him in and raised him as their own.. as the story goes, vulcan discovered coal whilst visiting the beach one day, and took some back home to his watery grotto in a shell.. thus he began to “play with fire” and discover his true calling as god of fire..and everyday he manipulated the coal and the fire to craft beautiful art, earning his blacksmith honor, keep in mind, that vulcan;s fiery connotation in mythology, and his blacksmith skills, are carried over into his esoteric astrology meaning. all about the planet Vulcan in esoteric astrology, vulcan is an energetic. Let’s go. Also, it is inconjunct my Pluto (death/rebirth) and Pallas Athena (strategic thinking), and sextile my Astraea (community). Once Vulcan has done its work, the energies of Uranus (in the creation of new archetypes for the expression of the Loving Will/Power of Creation) will supersede in the life. It is quite funny: although its not drawn in this chart, in my method I use Vulcan (with another table, it's in a book I have: The new planets Vulcan and Persephone by George Bode) and Vulcan is ruler Virgo there. Saturn opposite Vulcan. Chiron and the Sun’s Self-Identity and Soul Purpose: This is a positive outcome. Vulcan from mythology gives an almost exact description of the inner planet. Juno, Hercules, Vulcan, Saturn. Molly Hall. Use 3° from Mercury in the direction of the Sun. vulcan is an energetic. A small, old book (about 1910), reprinted by the AFA. and in esoteric astrology, Scorpio seeks to transform personal desire into selfless desire. To be short: Sun in 18 Taurus (my natal Vertex!??) The following link will show Vulcan in the Signs pointing out the nature of Vulcan when operating at the point of transition from the Mutable to the Fixed Cross and its effects when operating through the life of the Soul centred individual who has securely mounted the Fixed Cross.

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