Photo by Diego Yriarte. Not that I can afford one, I would not buy one! Compare Trade in. Name. Those systems have advantages and disadvantages. I would go with the 409/419, better yet a 39iP if I could find a boat in the 40' range. That does not mean that the Dehler cannot have a lesser draft but in that case it will have a keel with more ballast and a bigger B/D to compensate (35% for a 1.98m draft). Offering the best selection of Jeanneau boats to choose from. Bluenose Yacht Sales- Newport. Jeanneau started to be built like Beneteau some years ago. There is a minimum but in what I am concerned stability cannot bee too much and more is always better. Before Dufour, I owned for 4 years a SUN FAST 37, without this problems of continuous flexing. The one you’ve copied this time is a SO419, not a SO410 - they are both two different model is about 6 years old as a design and the 410 is a brand new model just this year. Professional. Sailing was never so enjoyable aboard a 41-foot sailboat. Talking about "minimum ideal" does not make sense but in what concerns me if I could have a performance boat with an efficient deep keel with over 40% of his weight on ballast it would be what I would chose. The Jeanneau beam is between the ones of the two Dufours. A modern hull with a hard chine and excellent stability makes the Jeanneau 419 a pleasure to sail. Band of Boats, des milliers d’annonces de bateaux à vendre : trouvez votre futur bateau. The contre moule is bonded and stratified. United States (3) Boats for Sale of Interest; Selection of boats that may be of interest from the list of boats available for sale above. Yacht Sales Professionals committed to "Excellence with Integrity". Hull form stability is very relevant to the stability that is used while sailing, to conter act the moment created by the wind on the sails, but serves almost nothing in what regards final stability and AVS and that is why it is important to have as much coming from the keel/ballast as we possible can. The yachts of this brand make up a significant part of the world's charter fleet. Find Jeanneau 410 boats for sale in your area & across the world on YachtWorld. Anyway the Dehler has also a very efficient keel and considerably more ballast ratio. With her powerful hull, the Sun Odyssey 410 perfects the art of sailing and comfort on board. JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 410. In what regards B/D ratio the Dufour 40e is not an example in what regards performance cruisers the same way the Dufour 410/412 and the Jeanneau 409/419 are not in what regards main mass production cruisers. The system of a contre moule has the disadvantage of making very difficult to verify if everything is alright in what regards keel support structure and in case of de-bonding or needed reparation due to an hard grounding, makes the reparation much more difficult. Since 1995, Jeanneau French shipyard is part of the group Beneteau, but leads an independent technical policy, releasing sailing and motor yachts under several own brands. The Elan E5 has a sandwich hull made using vacuum technology, uses high quality resins and  a structural composite structure to distribute the loads from the keel and rig. Modern sailboats use two ways to get stability (putting it on a simplified way) trough ballast and trough hull form stability that is directly linked with beam. 1. The drop-down swim platform is a highlight of the Sun Odyssey 419. This 41-foot sailboat is one of Jeanneau’s newest yachts to join the impressive Sun Odyssey legacy. All rights reserved. With a 13-foot beam and a 7.5-foot keel she glides through the water with ease. Last year Jeanneau turned sailboat deck layout on its ear with the introduction of their Sun Odyssey 490 and 440 and the concept of the “walk-around deck”. The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410 is well-mannered, quick and fun to sail. Add your boat details. The new “walk around” side deck slopes gently down towards the helm station each side so that there is no more clambering over thwarts and coamings to get from cockpit to side deck – you simply walk around the helm. For those of you that do not know me, my name is Jamie, the Jeanneau Sailboat representative at Network Yacht Brokers Swansea. The Lifting keel version adopts an appendage configuration without compromise between draft and performance. At Cannes, tested the three-cabin, two-heads version of the 419. All that increases prices. Sun odyssey 419 est un modèle de bateau du constructeur Jeanneau, dans la catégorie daysailer. Dufour 430. Jeanneau 410 Sun Odyssey Sailboat Guided Tour Video Walkthrough Discover the Dufour 412. Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410. Boat type. Despite carrying her beam a long way forward, the hull shape allowed the designers to maintain a relatively narrow entry and slippery underwater hull shape. Trade price. The Bavaria 41 uses, like on the Dufour 40e, a sandwich hull, that means, double skin hulls over the waterline with a resin impregnated foam core (does not use vacuum infusion), monolithic single skin below and a composite structure for the keel and shrouds laminated and bonded to the hull. Photo by Diego Yriarte. Home / Yacht Sales / New Boats / Jeanneau / Jeanneau 410 Jeanneau 410 Paige Ferguson 2021-01-05T16:30:56-08:00 THE SUN ODYSSEY 410: A NEW VISION OF LIFE ON BOARD Sun Odyssey 410 (New) - Sun Odyssey 410 (New) - Bateau Jeanneau - Sun Odyssey - Découvrez les bateaux de la gamme Jeanneau Sun Odyssey avec Grassi Bateaux : vente, occasion, entretien, réparation, gestion et location de voiliers. The new Philippe Briand designed Sun Odyssey 409 is not only elegant, but also built for speed. Anyway the boats seem very similar to me and even if I prefer foam as a core Dehler had always used balsa till very recently, without problems that I know off.The big difference comes on the interior. Jeanneau’s design philosophy is perfectly executed in the new Jeanneau 419. Give Gift; Back to Top; Post by ianr on May 23, 2020 18:04:37 GMT. Thank you for the responses. Come See the Jeanneau 490, 440, 410 and 349 at the "Get to Know Jeanneau" Open House Event Jan. 28-31, 2021 @ 2442 Westlake Ave. N. Seattle - RSVP Required ALL-NEW! Sailing was never so enjoyable aboard a 41-foot sailboat.With her powerful hull, the Sun Odyssey Light boats that use the kind of system Dufour, jeanneau and Beneteau use, with a "contre moule" flex more but that flex is inherent to the way they are built. .. One of the problems with a very modern hull design is that there is a very shallow forward section; allowing for greater performance with a very narrow entry through the water. The model is particularly secure, featuring sidedecks without obstacles and comfortable coaming. Voiliers JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 419 d'occasion à vendre sur l'Argus du Bateau. Bal./Disp. 2. The new Jeanneau 419 is not only elegant, but also built for speed. Normally this type of boats (performance cruisers) have a lot more stability coming from the keel/ballast than main market mass production boats and therefore have a better final stability and a better AVS. See 2019 Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410 listings, or read our related reviews on the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 490 or the Sun Odyssey 419. Type of keel and its efficiency as well as draft are as important. Let me point out again that the Dehler 42 has a B/D ratio of 32.4% with a high performance keel on a draft only matched here by the Elan: 2.20m. Or of course you can have a Jeanneau 419 now. The Jeanneau 419 has 29% of B/D with a keel similar to the one of Oceanis, a less performant keel (meaning needing more ballast to do the same job) than the one of the Dufours. The new 13-metre Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 419 is meant to be sailed by a small crew, in line with feedback received from the French shipyard’s customers. As you can see, regarding B/D you cannot put things like that. I believe both share the same hull and that makes the 41 an interesting boat to buy used since it will be considerably cheaper. US$241,000 * 41 ft / 2020. Sun Odyssey 419 de 2016 visible dans la marina Locasail à Bandol (Maho)VERSION 3 CABINES : 1 cabine propriétaire avant - 2 cabines arrières - 2 salles d'eau + c... A vos côtés pour vos vacances depuis 1973 . El Sun Odyssey 419 (42’) puede albergar de 2 a 3 camarotes. Jeanneau has added a gene to their DNA with the inclusion of a hard chine throughout their new range. About the SUN ODYSSEY 419 (JEANNEAU) sailboat Calculations Help SA/Disp. Here we are folks, I have written a review on the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 419 & 449 for your reading pleasure. It’s important to note that the cruising range is considerably de-tuned to make this product more suitable for entry-level buyers and more appealing on casual observation (at a boat show for instance). 41 ft / 2020. For the more out and out cruiser, you can choose shoal draft, furling sails and a simple to single hand, deck layout. You cannot look only at B/D to have a measure of a boats stability, not even regarding AVS or final stability. The new Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 419. Year. Portsmouth, Rhode Island, United States. How to Buy a Boat: Tips for a First Time Buyer, Top 10 New Fishing Boats for Under $20,000, What Type is Right for You? Only for sale due to owners change of plans. The lead car for the 106% genoa is on the cabin top, keeping the walkway clear. I did not said that the Dehler 42 is stronger than the Dufour 40e. Discover the Dufour 460. Email. Add tour boat details. Upload your boat Photos. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. That system is not very different than the one used by Jeanneau or Beneteau with the diference those brands use contre moule not only on the bottom but on a big part of the hull. That should make the 42 lighter but it is the opposite (see the PDF files). All boats flex, some much more than others. Photo by Diego Yriarte. 2021. The deck layout is clean, with almost all sheets and other lines led under the deck. Jeanneau 410 for sale in Portsmouth Rhode Island. Annonces du Bateau a actuellement 4 bateaux Jeanneau Sun odyssey 419 à vendre, y compris 4 bateaux d'occasion répertoriés à la fois par des vendeurs privés et des concessionnaires de bateaux professionnels. Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410. With the new modern Marc Lombard hull design, a truly innovative deck plan and comfort and modernity below, it is no wonder that the Jeanneau 410 monohull was voted Best Midsize Cruiser 2019 by Cruising World Magazine.Sailing has probably never been so enjoyable aboard a … Above all a yacht must be elegant with sharp lines and fine details. Dehler uses an integral sandwich hull while Dufour uses in the immersed part a single skin and a contre moulded bottom. ... 2016 JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 419 15/01/2021 SUNBIRD international Yacht Sales - Gocek Turkey Professional. ABOUT THE JEANNEAU 419. Jeanneau Model: Sun Odyssey 419 Yacht Name: Tumbleweed Home Port: Seget Donji Country: Croatia. The model is particularly secure, featuring sidedecks without obstacles and comfortable coaming. If those numbers are right, regarding the weight and ballast than the 41 would be slightly stiffer. View pictures and details of this boat or search for more Jeanneau boats for sale on Model. In what regards B/D ratio the Dufour 40e is not an example in what regards performance cruisers the same way the Dufour 410/412 and the Jeanneau 409/419 are not in what regards main mass production cruisers. In what regards B/D ratio the Dufour 40e is not an example in what regards performance cruisers the same way the Dufour 410/412 and the Jeanneau 409/419 are not in what regards main mass production cruisers. Accueil; Neufs . The Dehler 41 was the first boat made by Hanse and the interior, even if not of bad quality, is dark and unappealing while the 42 has a quite nice interior. The older use a molded cast lead keel the new one a more modern keel with a lower CG and probably that will compensate the difference in ballast weight. Wahlweise 2 oder 3 Kabinen sind möglich. Annonces du Bateau a actuellement 9 bateaux Jeanneau Sun odyssey 409 à vendre, y compris 9 bateaux d'occasion répertoriés à la fois par des vendeurs privés et des concessionnaires de bateaux professionnels. On the Jeanneau Sun odyssey 419 and 449has made a very innovative hull design with a hard chine designed by Philippe Briand. Phone. Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410. Both are good boats, well built but I would prefer the Dehler not only because it is a newer design but also because I like more the way it is built and because the bigger B/D will give it a better final stability. To orient it towards club racing, there are performance options you can add, such as a deeper keel, conventional rig, and a different package of deck gear. JEANNEAU SUN ODYSSEY 410. hum, do you have tried the others? Before you buy HP Ink Tank WL 410 Wireless Printer or HP Ink Tank 419 Wireless Printer, it is always smart to look at the main differences between these two. AN INVITING DECK PLAN. Top 10 Choices for Boaters, Jeanneau 64: A New Flagship for the Fleet, Perry Design Review: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 40 DS, Perry Design Review: Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 36, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 509: Comfortable, Versatile and Clever. Discover the Dufour 530. The new Jeanneau 410 is the height of luxury and comfort. Also the sailing hardware is, for the same reason, of better quality  and masts come inside the boat and are posed over the keel. The Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 410 is well-mannered, quick and fun to sail. Call for Price. Sailing was never so enjoyable aboard a 41-foot sailboat. Rappel; News Contact A vos côtés pour vos vacances depuis 1973. I have transcribed from the chart - and regraphed th edata and it looks … Like with the rivals the performance one has better quality and the cruising one is so ugly that I will pass any comment (even if I have heard that they are well built boats). Modeles Sun Odyssey 51 occasion ou neuf du constructeur Jeanneau ou chantier naval Jeanneau, modeles de Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 51, annonces bateau Jeanneau, assurer, expertiser ou vendre un bateau Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 51 Fraser Yacht Sales Ltd. Request Info. Discover the Dufour 430. : A sail area/displacement ratio below 16 would be considered under powered; 16 to 20 would indicate reasonably good performance; above 20 suggests relatively high performance. Beneteau First 40, Hunter 39, Hunter 40, Hunter 41 Deck Salon, Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 42 DS, Meridian 408 Motoryacht, Prestige 390 S, Regal 38 Express Sportyachts, Regal 4080 Sportyachts, Sea Ray 410 sundancer; other years: The new Jeanneau 419 is not only elegant, but also built for speed. They still maintains a good resale value and it is one of the best and more modern boats of that era on that price range. Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 419 sailboat / sailing yacht : Jeanneau , used boat , GRP/polyester length x beam: 12.76 m x 3.99 m, 12.76 x 3.99 m built: 2018 , cabins: 3 Those techniques  will allow stronger boats for the same weight. In fact the first Dufour 40 performance are now 13 years's old and I don't know of any particular problems with them. Elan has two lines of sailboats one that they call Impression and other they call the performance one. Compare to Jeanneau 51 or Beneteau 51.1. Since we talk about Dufour lets look at the new Dufour 412 (that is basically a 410) and compare it with the Dufour 40e: We can see that in what regards B/D there is no diference, with  both boats having 29% with similar keels and similar Draft (2.10m) a not usual situation and that contributes to explain why the Dufour GL is more expensive than a Beneteau Oceanis 41: Both boats, the Oceanis and the GL have a similarly big beam but the Oceanis has 27% on a less efficient keel with a bit less draft (2.05m).