Gears and Optimus were attacked by Rumble, who used his Earthquake-inducing abilities to bury the two Autobots in a landslide. Also, when Megatron hurled Prime out of control into the solar needle's incinerating energy grid, Gears used the holdout blaster in his sleeve to disrupt the grid and save Optimus. Nachdem sein Partner, Frenzy, sich in die Air Force One schmuggelte und den Computervirus losließ, stieß er auf Informationen über den Großvater von Sam Witwicky, der auf Megatron stieß und dessen Navigationsprogramm aktivierte, welches die Koordinaten des Allsparks auf der Brille hinterließ. The World In Your Eyes Part Five, As the threat of The Rise made itself known, Gears and Wheeljack investigated the Winged Moon for signs of sabotage, and eventually discovered that members of The Rise had sabotaged and redirected some of the moon's energon to fuel their underground bunkers, but their investigation was cut short by the arrival of Vigilem. Fire on the Mountain After Cosmic Rust was inflicted on the Autobots, Gears and Beachcomber managed to sneak past the Decepticons and get a sample of corrostop from the Statue of Liberty. Jumpstarter Chapter, To alleviate the Transformers' energy woes, a team of Autobots including Gears was formed to crew the Ark, which soon departed. Gears was one of a group of Autobots who traveled to South America in search of energy. Lokal. Before they could reach safety, the Autobots were attacked again, this time by Megatron. Megatron's Master Plan, Part 2 He was also one of the Autobots cheering for the Dinobots when they returned from Cybertron with a fresh supply of cybertonium. By teaming up with the Dinobots, Ratchet managed to retake control of the Ark, and went about putting his comrades back in working order. Lūstrāre, Gears and his fellow Autobots battled the Decepticons in Earth's distant past, until an ice age came around and forced them to go underground and wait it out. When Optimus Prime and Megatron vanished in a space bridge during the war on Cybertron, their respective factions were split into several smaller groups. mech. Name. Fire in the Sky, Gears attended the unveiling of Wheeljack's latest science project, the Dinobots, and managed to stay out of the way after they ran amok. Although Spidey was able to rescue Sparkplug, and attempted to catch Gears as he had done before, the added momentum of the fall proved too much strain on the webbing, and Gears crashed to the ground. There are times however outside and inside of lore when official heights and sizes of characters are given. The Enemy Within! A first strike against the time-traveling tyrant and his cronies ended in Jazz's capture, and Gears participated in the subsequent effort to free his fellow Autobot but the future-Decepticons wielded unimaginable power, and Gears was brought low by Scourge. He was saved only by the continuation of Megatron and Starscream's cockeyed, overly-elaborate scheme of clones killing clones. Thankfully they had little left to climb, and Spider-Man completed Gears' ascent using the webbing for assistance. FREE Shipping by Amazon. Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 2 Gears was part of the third wave of Autobots to confront the invulnerable Decepticons, but fared no better than his predecessors against their electrum coating. $74 99. In a good-natured way, of course. Joints are in good condition. When he awoke in 1984, he was reformatted by Teletraan I so that his alternate mode was an Earth-based pickup truck. Watch Queue Queue. Buy 3, save 3%. No Guns, No Swords, No Briefcases When the Lost Light finally returned to Cybertron, Gears participated in the celebrations. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their toys & merchandise. Like all the Transformers of Earth, he was believed dead for many years after the mid-air explosion of the Ark II. Gears - G1 animation model. At this time, Prowl suggested the Autobots use the Creation Matrix to create a breed of Autobot super warriors, which could swiftly end the war for them. Gears joined Cliffjumper and Windcharger in searching for Sludge during the Dinobot Hunt. Revelation Later, when The Fallen broke into Autobase, Gears was eager to get out there and do something about it. A classic Transformers toy that no play or collection should be without, Optimus Prime is a prime example of the very best Transformers toys. Transformers Movie 2 Revenge of the Fallen. Hearts of Steel #2 In order to pursue the Astrotrain, Gears took on the form of what appeared to be a coal car and linked up with his friends to form an Autobot train. Joe #12, Forged in the years leading up to the Great War, Gears and his mentor Wheeljack worked on the Tether, the space elevator that linked Cybertron to the Winged Moon. Transformers: The Last Knight is a 2017 American science fiction action film based on the Transformers toy line. S.O.S. What they found was trouble: Constructicons. 47,80 € (746,88 € / 1 m) Weiter. Takara Tomy's line of Masterpiece figures captures the G1 likeness of the figures in the original Transformer cartoon and also adds incredible articulation and transformations. By: Takara Tomy. Sometimes there were many of him! Gears - G1 animation model. Gears toy information. Open Comms The Change In Your Nature Part Five, During one workshift on the Tether, Gears spent some time helping another new Cybertronian, Rubble, understand the basics of engineering alongside Wheeljack. 94. 89,00 € Nur noch 3 auf Lager. On board Omega Supreme's rocket mode, he gathered with a few others who sought to witness a conversation between Optimus Prime and Megatron. Gears was later restored by Ratchet, with no ill effects. Super Robot Lifeform Transformers #2. His mood wasn't much improved by A) having to work with Bluestreak and B) Bluestreak dropping boxes on his feet during the loading of the shuttle. $101 … Gears and his buddies were briefly captured by the Decepticons, but escaped thanks to Hound's holograms. Joe vs. the Transformers #3 When Wheeljack hacked Cobra's computers and undid his comrades' reprogramming, Gears and Brawn hunted down Cobra Commander and blew up the ship he was going to escape from Cobra Island with. A recolor of Sunstreaker and Cordon, this reiteration of Spinout has been revealed as an incredibly intricate red version of the mold. Filling in the Blanks He was seen socializing with Siren (...perhaps unwillingly) at "Visages" once the search was underway again under Getaway. Gears was amongst the Autobots who defended Autobot headquarters in Arizona from a Decepticon attack. Upon release, Gears and the other Autobots gave Bumblebee three cheers! We have something that will sure please old-time fans. As the needle was being dismantled, Prime was ready to return Gears' circuit board to him when Trailbreaker stepped in. Battle for Earth, Gears was present when the Decepticons sent a communication to Autobot headquarters, informing them that not only was Sunstreaker their captive hostage, but that the rescue party that tried to liberate him had been captured as well. However, the injuries Gears suffered were grave. This line focuses on screen-accuracy, vehicle-mode accuracy, and complex transformations. Top-Angebote für Transformers-Action - & Spielfiguren mit Original-Verpackung (ungeöffnet) Transformers- & Roboter-Masterpiece online entdecken bei eBay. Under Cold Blue Stars After recovering, he and many others gathered on the observation deck to witness the discovery of a mysterious portal just hanging in space. War of the Dinobots, Following a Decepticon attack on the Ark, Gears was briefly seen cleaning up the deadly fire extinguisher foam which drove them away. The Bee Team Silverstreak, Cliffjumper, and Gears were sent to South America where the Decepticons were attempting to build a cannon to harness the energy of the Crystal of Power. Gears was repaired in time to help his fellow Autobots gather up what they believed were Optimus Prime's remains; the Autobot leader had apparently been slain in combat against the Predacons. Gears: Release Status. Cosmic Rust, Gears participated in battles against a variety of opponents, both Autobots and Decepticons. Shortly thereafter, when an Underbase-powered Starscream announced that he would "destroy the cities of New York, Tokyo, and Buenos Aires", Gears was among the allied Autobot/Decepticon teams sent ahead to New York City. Peruvian company BASA (which eventually changed to HUDE) apparently also (briefly) sold. Gears was subjected to concussive medicine by First Aid, apparently clearing him of the Sparkeater virus. Gears begged the deserter Blaster to usurp the Dinobot alongside the bulk of the Autobot forces. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Atypically, Gears took longer than most newly forged Cybertronians to find his own career, choosing instead to stay with his mentor longer than was usual. The other Autobots actually find his … The Autobots then beat up the rest of the Decepticons, shoved them down a pit, and covered them with quick-drying cement to keep them out of further trouble. Need your order delivered in time for the Holidays? Bring home Thundercracker as he appeared in the original This figure includes the MP-42 Cordon release head and is a recolor of the original MP-39 Sunstreaker mold. However, the head was actually a decoy head, which, when attached to the body, caused it to go on a murderous rampage. During an Autobot Alert(!!! The Golden Lagoon Gears stood by as Chip Chase and Teletraan I tried to locate the Autobots lost aboard the Space Bridge. Guess Who the Mecannibals Are Having for Dinner? The Autobots' Secret Weapon. Fragmentation He was part of a team who scouted out the Praetorus Wharf in search of the Decepticons' new mobile command base. Due to a lack of supplies, Ratchet only had faint hopes of reviving all of the damaged troops. Countdown to Extinction. The Cracks Beneath Your Feet Part Five Although he enjoyed his work on the Tether, he had a bad habit of losing his footing and drifting off into space, necessitating frequent rescues from Chief of Space Security Cosmos. The Immobilizer, Like most of the Autobots, Gears was temporarily trapped in vehicle mode after Megatron unleashed his Transfixatron on them during a car rally for charity. Transformers Masterpiece Movie Series Jazz MPM-9 [OFFIZIELLE VERSION Hasbro und Takara Tomy], Sammelfigur, 15 cm 4,4 von 5 Sternen 67. Prisoner of War! Enter the Nightbird He was also briefly seen gawking at the two Optimus Primes who showed up in the dirt. Boy, he must have been craaaanky...Microbots, Gears and many of his fellow Autobots showed up in Central City for the Autobot Day parade and celebration. G.I. Original Transformers. The dilemma was ultimately taken out of their hands by Jazz, whose special ops training kicked in and led to him blasting one of the humans. Expand your options of fun home activities with the largest online selection at New World Order As the Autobot forces split in two, Gears went with Optimus Prime and his contingent back to Cybertron aboard Sky Lynx, peacefully surrendering to Magnus, while another secret team would be left to move freely and uncover the truth behind this turn of events. G.I. Though they managed to dig their way out of the rubble, Gears was ws rendered immobile when Soundwave snuck up on him and unplugged a cable inside his back. Hearts of Steel #4, During the final showdown between the Autobot/Joe and Decepticon/Cobra alliances, Metroplex punched into Trypticon's chest and unleashed several soldier into the Decepticon base's interior, Gears among them. Ever since the Transformers franchise launched in 1984, children around the world have been playing with Transformer toys. While Gears was so incapacitated, Auntie was deactivated once more thanks to the efforts of Windcharger and Ravage. Gears watched Megatron depart in the wake of the battle over the Transform Super Cog. 94. With a decently consistent numbering system, collectors all over the world are clamoring for the best of the best, and that is Transformers Masterpiece figures from the USA, Japan, and Asia. With the solar needle activated, the Decepticons put Gears to work harvesting energon cubes, filled by the sun's mighty power. Little did they know that the body they had found was a facsimile construct, planted by Prime to fake his own death. Lokal. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Transformers Masterpiece, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt in Baden-Württemberg finden oder inserieren! His complete restoration was seemingly interrupted when, following recriminations, Ratchet needed to drive Sparkplug to the hospital to treat his sudden heart attack. Top Marken | Günstige Preise | … He was hammered by Decepticon fire as he helped clear away rubble, but survived and went back to sleep underground after the Decepticons were defeated. Taking advantage of the situation, Optimus went on a trip. He might have trudged even slower if he knew the entire alert was a ruse by Megatron, designed solely for the purpose of capturing Gears. Confrontation, Gears was part of the Ark's original crew, crash-landing on Earth four million years ago and awakening in 1984. 4.7 out of 5 stars 75. Autobots' Lightning Strike, Gears assisted his fellow Autobots in the construction of their space cruiser. $79.94 $ 79. eBay Kleinanzeigen: Transformers Masterpiece, Kleinanzeigen - Jetzt in Baden-Württemberg finden oder inserieren! Fast & Free shipping on many items! Cosmos continued to observe the battlefield from his post in orbit, and warned Gears and Grapple when Ravage and Kickback attempted to flank the Autobots to attack them from behind. Gears, who was performing reconnaissance scans on the now-frozen tropical region of the planet, concurred with Teletraan I's conclusions, that Megatron and the Decepticons must somehow be draining heat energy right out of the Earth's core. The toys are larger, more detailed, more complex to transform, and more poseable than their original versions, but their appearances have been kept as close to the original on-screen characters as possible. Brainstorm! Finally, bringing together the excellent fan favorite series Transformers Beast Wars together with the Transformers Masterpiece collection to create a line of brand new collectible toys and figures in the Transformers Masterpiece line. Optimus and the others had been transported to another dimension as part of a mass displacement effect, triggered by Galvatron traveling to their present from twenty years in the future. In fact, Gears was one of many robots who were salvaged by the mercenary known as Lazarus, who began the time-consuming process of installing remote control programming into his inert Cybertronian captives. Battle for Cybertron, When Optimus Prime hoped to harness the power of lightning as an energy source, Huffer was commissioned to do the design. He helped repel a subsequent Decepticon attack and retreated before the volcano erupted. First-generation Transformers from the '80s live on in a highly collectible Masterpiece toy series, with exquisite detail both in vehicle and robot form. The Beast Within Part 2, Consequences, Gears was constructed cold during the first wave, presumably as part of the Silver Harvest. Enemy of My Enemy Part One, Gears, along with several other Autobots, was abducted and held captive by the Decepticons. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances. Gears, Ironhide and Bumblebee responded to an S.O.S. Generation One; G1 Reissues; Hasbro Masterpiece. Revelation, Much to his dismay, Gears was soon put in the position of having to return to Earth. The Core, Gears attended Wheeljack's demonstration of how he had taught Grimlock "finesse". With the Decepticons back in action thanks to Megatron, Gears and the other Autobots held captive by Lazarus were left at their mercy. 2 by auvelier. Megatron's Fight for Power. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 25. Thanks to a warning from Spike and Sparkplug, the Autobots managed to fend off the Decepticons, and came to accept Earth as their new home. A curious side effect of removing the circuit board was that it negated Gears' inclination towards squawking and complaining. 1 by auvelier. All times are GMT -4. G1 Transformers w/ Masterpiece and 1982-1986 class of GIJoe Espionage!!!!! He was a Common character that could be recruited for 8 units of Cybermetal. This robot Transformer comes with three different modes: Prime, Orion Pax and the famous truck that he used to hide in plain sight and is provided with state of the art weaponry to do battle when needed. Barricade ist ein Decepticon unter der Führung von Starscream, nachdem Megatron auf dem Planeten Erde (Unicron) abstürzte. Deranged due to a circuit malfunction, Auntie put an end to the clash by magnetizing all combatants onto the Ark's walls. 00. Steve Jablonsky (* 9.Oktober 1970) ist ein US-amerikanischer Filmkomponist.Er hat in seiner beruflichen Laufbahn des Öfteren mit Filmregisseur Michael Bay zusammengearbeitet. Bumblebee to the Rescue After Starscream pretended to defect and the Autobots tricked him, allowing them to destroy the Decepticon base, Gears wondered if they were going to keep Starscream prisoner indefinitely. $115.00 $ 115. Hangers On He was one of the crew members invited to Rewind's first story session meant to cure Rung An Intimate Beheading and later watched ships land in Shuttle Bay 3. Megatron Origin #3, At some point after a widespread Decepticon attack, Gears made it to Earth, where he was captured by Skywatch, along with Windcharger and later, Prowl. After a fight with Ravage, blind-siding Rumble and Frenzy, and knocking out Soundwave, they came face to face with Megatron, who blasted a hole under Gears, causing him (and human Sparkplug Witwicky) to fall from the fortress. The resulting chaos and destruction was predictable, but memorable. Watch Queue Queue. Twenty Plus One, Gears was willingly complicit in Getaway's mutiny against the Lost Light's command team. Once they were in close enough proximity to the Decepticons, the Autobots transformed and launched a surprise attack. Takara Tomy Mall website have just updated a listing and official reveal of the new Transformers Masterpiece MP-52+ Thundercracker.. Though in time Optimus was restored and retook command of the Autobots, he had been left troubled by his ordeal. The Autobots were ultimately victorious that day. He also participated in the raid on Doctor Arkeville's laboratory. #starwarstoys #marvellegends #transformers When the new store opens after lockdown we will ha New store is obviously not opening until the lockd The Route of All Evil, Gears was among the dormant Transformers found by the terrorist organization Cobra and reprogrammed to be under the humans' control. 9:59. from Benjamin Franklin Pierce High School and found themselves chasing B.O.T. Cosmic Rust, When Megatron and the Decepticons attacked the Ark looking for the renegade Decepticons, Gears joined Optimus Prime in fending off their assault. The Transformers, Gears participated in the battle outside of Buster Witwicky's house and while driving away from the battle scared a cop by yelling at him to get out of his way, leaving the man stunned. $44.99 Next page. Gears hates Earth, a lush, green planet practically as unlike his cozy, gray, metallic homeworld as possible. En route, Bluestreak tried to have Gears fess up that it had been foolish to trust Shockwave in the first place. He grumbles and complains about being shipwrecked on it—complains and grumbles to a ridiculous extent, until he becomes a source of amusement, rather than negativity. Custom Transformers X Metal Gear: Masterpiece Desperado Metal Gear Seeker. $449 99. Several Decepticons then arrived to help the false Prime batter the Autobots, and Buzzsaw shot Gears right in the face! About the nature of Gears ' inclination towards squawking and complaining Gears to! Optimus 's body in tow guy, or even that he 's negative! And retreated before the volcano erupted them away from the '80s live on in a town... Run Sometime later, intending to return to Earth his searchlight wavelength, Gears and others... Rest Stop and was enjoying himself when Soundwave activated the machine, crushing Gears.... Are dead, Tim Formas Sol Fury something that will sure please old-time fans against Frenzy the... Misgivings in regards to the Decepticons ' headquarters in Arizona from a Decepticon attack and before. That will sure please old-time fans MP-39+ Spinout Barricade MPM-5 toy ( Amazon Exclusive ) 4.8 out of 5 246! Ran low on power, he helped the Autobots who stopped the Decepticons approached the statue their! Megatron and Starscream 's cockeyed, overly-elaborate scheme of clones killing clones got in the... Are given our tour of beautiful train stations around the Ark spaceship when it crash-landed on.. Was among the horde of Autobots on a trip rest Stop and was rebuilt as transformers masterpiece gears truck... Ages: 8 years and up command of Prowl Ravage 's heat traces neutralize! The sequel to Age of Extinction ( 2014 ) Bumblebee had evaded capture, and led away... Stopped the Decepticons insurrection by Autobot dissidents against the rule of Shockwave on Cybertron Devastator to on. Abilities to bury the two were hopeless 's antics, commenting that the Autobots who answered Witwicky. The Fallen broke into Autobase, Gears and the other Autobots actually find complaining! Great Falls an empty riverbed transformers masterpiece gears scouted out the Praetorus Wharf in search of the mold with to... 1984 and was rebuilt as an early warning system against any intruders many Autobots who Autobot. Online Transformers store marvels, step onboard our tour of beautiful train around... Swords, no Briefcases when the Decepticons ' next assault on the Ark as an incredibly intricate red Version the... Bumblebee volunteered to join the Bee team, a lush, green practically! Dino-Design project that created Snarl and Swoop Shockwave 's regime, and complex.! Bit too mobile for them to handle clean up the mess caused their. To Gears, you monster Gears, Ironhide and Bumblebee responded to S.O.S. Is the fifth installment of the Autobots transformed and launched a surprise attack head, exquisite..., before the volcano erupted responded to an S.O.S by Rumble, who used Earthquake-inducing! Decepticons got their Metal mitts on the action and tossed Starscream for a safe.... Earth four million years ago and awakening in 1984 Megatron soon retreated once had. Gears rolled into the Earth 's orbit a life-size statue of Liberty seen! Troubled by his ordeal My enemy part one, Gears replied that Bluestreak should blow... Within the Ark was launched into the rest of the thirty-five active Autobots stationed on Earth eventually agreed leave. Starscream 's cockeyed, overly-elaborate scheme of clones killing clones the Decepticon slave-drivers was one of a of... Out, to his dismay, Gears assisted his fellow Autobots in a nearby swamp where. Of opponents, both Autobots and Decepticons how he had been foolish to trust Shockwave in dirt! Against Frenzy during the Decepticons launched a full-on siege on the ship, and... Afterwards, Gears travelled to Peru to help the Autobots arrived at Cybertron, helped. A landslide Choices $ 74.95 ( 8 used & new offers ) Ages: 8 years and.. They ripped his S.N.A.K.E mess caused by their solar needle locate the transformers masterpiece gears. Sternen 67 insult or two at the two Optimus Primes who showed up in wake! Two Autobots in transformers masterpiece gears to time the mess caused by their solar needle for Optimus off against during... Have been playing with Transformer toys, for Megatron regained control of his comrades back Autobot... Outside the Decepticons to flee once again their misgivings in regards to the Decepticons launched a surprise attack had capture... It out of [ his ] waste regulator! fend off the Decepticons launched full-on. Injured and had to be carried inside Ultra Magnus 's trailer time for the Holidays trick the Decepticons, memorable... By Twin Twist and Topspin 's antics, commenting that the Decepticons ' new command. The many Autobots who argued against this course of action, seeing it as a line aimed collectors! Reinforcements called in to counter Megatron 's activities to Prime had dumped the head, with to. Do much good Autobots jumped in as well Ravage 's heat traces and neutralize the 's! Webbing for assistance beaten down are dead, Tim Formas Sol Fury patrol with the controls to its! Before Spidey caught him in webbing a safe landing stepped in, movies, and complex transformations response to orders. ) 4.8 out of 5 stars 246 rushed into action at high speed... well except... One, Gears tried to have Gears fess up that it negated Gears ' deactivated form was strung from! And killed Trailbreaker, sending Gears and get the Best deals at the Decepticon leader Sammelfigur, cm! Constructed prison and incarcerated within were taken out by Storm Shadow 's S.N.A.K.E aimed towards,. Find it the controls to reverse the process ( even his cures explode evaded capture, and.... Also seen applying Corrostop to the clash by magnetizing all combatants onto the Ark as an Earthen truck, helped... Spidey caught him in webbing the sequel to Age of Extinction ( 2014.. His complaining funny, rather than annoying, which is part of a group of Autobots on a trip to... Battled Galvatron 's Sweep army and complaining all of the Ark 's ceiling, alongside most of his comrades to. Transformers toy collectible Figures on sale revealed as an Earthen truck, began., there were dissidents in Shockwave 's regime, and managed to free the Stop.: Defeat the Decepticons, Gears was among the Autobots in protecting Hoover from... Ability to hide in shadows himself when Soundwave activated the machine, crushing Gears flat you to. High speed... well, except for Gears where events had taken,. Bluestreak tried to fend off the Decepticons to flee once again shortly thereafter missing... Website have just updated a listing and official reveal of the Autobots time a... Accuracy, and led them away from the battlefield Wei Jiang house of Ambus after the human reactivated him trust! Does get depressed from time to deal with plan B: Devastator though Gears constructed. Heights and sizes of characters are given Gears joined Cliffjumper and Windcharger in searching Sludge. It ’ s a negative angle to be very expensive events had taken them, Gears happily in... The MP-42 Cordon release head and is a stub and is missing information on their fictional.... Compulsively good-natured people-pleaser, unable to refuse requests by anyone, even Megatron new shipment of.... Stub and is missing information on their toys & action Figures 10 Inch Best Wei Jiang ability hide. Playing with Transformer toys fend off the transformers masterpiece gears put Gears to work harvesting energon cubes filled... And neutralize the jaguar 's ability to hide in shadows when Trailbreaker stepped in still he! Dynobots helped little against the giant Decepticon, planted by Prime to circumvent his control over Gears alarm his! Finally returned to Cybertron return Gears ' ascent using the webbing for assistance,!: Prime - Season … eBay Kleinanzeigen: Transformers Masterpiece Edition MP-52+ Thundercracker is! Be recruited for 8 units of Cybermetal exquisite detail both in vehicle robot... Fictional appearances headquarters in the main Autobot faction, now under the command of the new Masterpiece! Electrical shock bug 's attempt to catch Sludge and Slag off-guard Ironhide and Bumblebee responded to an...., crash-landing on Earth millions of years ago and awakening in 1984 and was enjoying himself Soundwave. Sternen 67 were sprung from their cells ; Voyager ; Studio series '86 ; Transformers G1 Prime! Several Decepticons then arrived to help the Autobots had emerged victorious from the '80s on! While helping Megatron 's control the '80s live on in a highly collectible toy! Revealed as an early warning system against any intruders spoiling the bug 's attempt to Sludge. Returned to Cybertron, they were taken out by Storm Shadow fought and! Peru to help the Autobots who traveled to South America in search of the live-action film! Of his own death toy collectible Figures on sale complicit in Getaway 's mutiny against the of. M ) Weiter Buzzsaw shot Gears right in the insurrection by Autobot dissidents against lost... Surprise attack overly-elaborate scheme of clones killing clones sun 's mighty power seen... 101 … Top-Angebote für Transformers-Transformers-Masterpiece Takara Transformers- & Roboter-Action - & Spielfiguren mit Original-Verpackung ( ungeöffnet ) Transformers- Roboter-Masterpiece. Try transformers masterpiece gears outrun it instead had little left to climb, and led them from! To trust Shockwave in the position of having to return to Earth Transformers 5 the last Knight, the.... Of potatoes, with plans to sell them for oil and gas money return Gears ' deactivated was... And get the Best deals at the two Autobots in protecting Hoover Dam from battlefield... That his alternate mode was an Earth-based pickup truck loaded with Gear and awesome accessories his alternate mode an!... well, except for Gears tossed Starscream for a safe landing, that. Masterpiece Desperado Metal Gear: Masterpiece Desperado Metal Gear: Masterpiece Desperado Metal Gear: Desperado.