Pekarna.Tv is a web portal for video contents that documents alternative lifestyles, delivers social commentary, criticism, highlights local issues, shows good practices and exposes anomalies and irregularities in the society. At the same time the portal provides public access to cultural and artistic programs, events and performances in Cultural Youth Association IndiJanez, and other cultural events that were held in broader surroundings. The purpose of Pekarna.TV is  to promote critical thinking, solidarity and equality, to promote social participation of people and to document local cultural and artistic scenes. Pekarna.Tv is formed by eight different programs which names associate to a process of cooking (Pekarna means bakery in Slovenian language). Video contents are created by CYA IndiJanez.

Pekarna.Tv is based on the free flow of information, independent reporting and openness to different opinions and views. In particular, Pekarna.Tv advocates for those milieus and groups who are socially or otherwise disadvantaged, marginalized, relegated or ideologically misinterpreted or identified by other media.